29 August 2013

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First Bicycle Ever!

The advantage of living near the park is that I can walk or run around there anytime I want to. Lately, the cold weather is restricting me to do so. But I need to exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy. So hubby gave me a bike so we can still go to the park in minutes even on autumn and winter (granted there's no snow).

I never thought I could have this type of bicycle. To be honest, this is my first bike ever (Yippee!). Wait, did I sound like a child for a moment there? 

My bike in the middle of the road.

It is called The Duchess Leaf Orange. It has the modern and classic look that stands out with it's vibrant orange color. This bike have all the essentials of a bike such the saddle, rattan effect basket, mudguard, chain guard, 7 speed Shimano gears and bell. 

The features of this bike made it even more beautiful. The 7 speed gears allow me to pedal with no difficulty. The grips and saddle are also matching and gives me total comfort when using it. 

I was pleased with the service of the bike dealer. He carefully analyzed my requirements and he ordered from UK supplier the one that I like. My main concern was the size of the wheel. I specifically requested for 17" which fits my height. I don't want it so high that I will struggle to touch the ground. Other than that, I'm totally okay whatever comes with it.  

When it came, the dealer called my husband to inform us that it's ready for pick up. That same day, hubby and I picked it up and we cycled all the way home. You can check your local bike shop if they carry the same brand "Dawes". As it was a gift, I don't know the exact price of it but I checked it online and I was shocked to see that it cost my husband £349.99. (Again, "Thank You Sweetheart for this awesome bike. No more expensive gifts next time okay.") I am satisfied and happy with this bicycle and I will definitely recommend it based on performance, comfortability, style, and beauty. It's definitely worth the price. 

Summer is nearly over here but I'm hoping that I can still have the chance to use it even if the temperature drops.

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