31 August 2013

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Different Kinds of Roses at National Botanic Gardens

One of my favorite places here in Ireland is the National Botanic Gardens especially on summer. It has this Rose Garden that have great blooms. By visiting there I got familiar with different kinds of roses. Before, I only identify roses by colors. but now I can better than that. (Sorry for boasting. I'm just excited with what I learned.) So the next time I'll ask my husband to buy roses I'm not going to tell him "Please buy some white roses." Instead I'm going to tell him, "Please buy Rosa Margaret Merrill or 'harkuly." Oh gosh hope he understands. :) 

These roses really made my day. Hope they will brighten your day too. 

Rosa Golden Memories

'hannah gordon'

Rosa Alec's Ref

'bright smile'

Rosa Castle of Mey

Rosa Dublin Bay

'english miss'


Rosa Galway Bay

Rosa Irish Eyes

Rosa Margaret Merrill

Rosa My Everything

Rosa Oranges and Lemons

Rosa Ray of Hope

Rosa Romance

Rosa Sheila's Perfume

'top rose'



  1. Oh what a paradise with bed of roses laid out!

  2. that white roses attracts me more..

  3. Roses are just too gorgeous to put in your garden, when they product flowers everyone that sees them will make them awee... i think i've been the golden memories nearby the church and they are indeed pretty.

  4. Seeing those roses even just in photos made my day too. How much more if I`ll be there, it`s a paradise I bet. In my dreams, I want to have a garden filled with roses.

  5. I used to have most of these roses in Korea.

  6. you made me laugh about how you will ask your hubby to buy you roses, hope he understands :) can I have some rosa golden memories? :)

  7. Wow! nalalaglag ang pants ko. I'm a sucker to roses. BTW , is there a teacup rose amongst them? Rosa Romance is my fave.

  8. Oh... roses! Any color of a rose is my favorite! They are so beautiful, aren't they? Your captures made them even look lovelier! :)

  9. These photos remind me of how beautiful the world is :) Ang gaganda ng flowers! This post made me really happy.

  10. I have yet to visit a botanical garden. When not at work, I just stay at home...all the time.

  11. Oh my favorite flowers: ROSES!
    It's my first time to really know different names of Roses.

  12. Well captured photos. It seems like I'm seeing the real one. What lacks is the fragrance I supposed to smell.

  13. lovely roses kahit d ko sila fave hehe.. Love that Rosa Golden Memories .. d pa ata ko nakakita in person. love it!

  14. Oh lovely flowers! I love the baby pink ones and the yellow rose. They look very pretty.

  15. I love to go in Botanic gardens and take some beautiful shots.


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