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Different Kinds of Roses at National Botanic Gardens

One of my favorite places here in Ireland is the National Botanic Gardens especially on summer. It has this Rose Garden that have great blooms. By visiting there I got familiar with different kinds of roses. Before, I only identify roses by colors. but now I can better than that. (Sorry for boasting. I'm just excited with what I learned.) So the next time I'll ask my husband to buy roses I'm not going to tell him "Please buy some white roses." Instead I'm going to tell him, "Please buy Rosa Margaret Merrill or 'harkuly." Oh gosh hope he understands. :)  These roses really made my day. Hope they will brighten your day too.  Rosa Golden Memories 'korholsea'

First Bicycle Ever!

The advantage of living near the park is that I can walk or run around there anytime I want to. Lately, the cold weather is restricting me to do so. But I need to exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy. So hubby gave me a bike so we can still go to the park in minutes even on autumn and winter (granted there's no snow). I never thought I could have this type of bicycle. To be honest, this is my first bike ever (Yippee!). Wait, did I sound like a child for a moment there?  My bike in the middle of the road. It is called  The Duchess Leaf Orange . It has the modern and classic look that stands out with it's vibrant orange color. This bike have all the essentials of a bike such the saddle, rattan effect basket, mudguard, chain guard, 7 speed Shimano gears and bell.  The features of this bike made it even more beautiful. The 7 speed gears allow me to pedal with no difficulty. The grips and saddle are also matching and gives me total comfort when using it.  I was pleased with th

Seeking the Best Dental Care

Nothing hurts worse than a massive toothache. Okay, that may not be entirely true, but everyone knows how much a toothache hurts. It is no fun to endure a sleepless night with a large toothache. It is a good idea to seek for the best Pembroke Pines dental care long before any toothache comes on. It is much easier to make a call to a dentist for emergency dental care, if needed, in the middle of the night when you already have a dentist you have seen and trust. Seeking The Best Dental Care

Malahide has it!

Last July 27- 28, 2013 was the Malahide Festival entitled , "Malahide Has It". It was a fun-filled day with lots of activities for everyone. My worry that day was the weather. I don't know if you heard but it always rain in Ireland. But that day the sun was smiling directly on us which made the event even better.  Kiddies Play Area: Adventure Bounce

How to Transfer from Community College to University

Many students start out at community college with the intent to transfer to a larger school somewhere down the road. In fact, most students in these situations opt to receive their associate’s degree first before moving on to an academic setting that can offer more. To gain these advantages, you must learn the steps to transferring to a community college in Colorado.

House of Waterford Crystal

During one of our trips at the South-East Region of the country, we visited a popular spot called House of Waterford Crystal. It is located at the heart of Waterford city where you will get the chance to see the new manufacturing facility and a stunning show room. Not only that, during the guided factory tour, you will see with your own eyes how such magnificent pieces were made step-by-step. Few Finished Products of Waterford Crystal 

How to Decorate a Party Bus Rental

A party bus can work for so many occasions and for so many groups. Adults, teenagers, and kids alike enjoy boarding the bus and participating in sightseeing and the festivities involved. A party bus rental in Chicago can be used for sweet sixteens, bachelor parties, graduation parties, work retreats, and so much more. Many of these vehicles feature TVs, stereos, and bars for the ultimate party experience. To get more into the spirit of the party, consider these themed ideas for decorating a party bus.

National Botanic Gardens In Ireland

One of my favorite places here in Ireland is the National Botanic Gardens in Ireland. I've been there for about five to six times but that 19.5-hectare garden never failed to amuse me. The spring and summer blooms are very lovely. I am hoping to come back this weekend to see the fascinating sunflowers. I pray that the weather permits our trip there. 

Thank You God For Our Parents

We often hear that a child is the best gift parents could have. But I say, it is also the other way around. I feel blessed for having great parents that accompanied four of us each and every step we made. Our Dad worked hard abroad which gave us the chance to study in great schools. While Mom is always there to guide us everyday.  Crystal Angel At Waterford Crystals

Wicklow Mountains National Park

Last weekend, hubby and I decided to visit Wicklow Mountains National Park for the second time. We still don't have a car the first time we went there. We took a paid trip by couch. The time was so constrained. We didn't got the chance to explore the whole place. That's why we said to each other, "let's go back here some other day."  End of the Miner's Road Walk