21 July 2013

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The best place to have a vacation is home. Staying at home with family is becoming more popular than going out. It's more comfortable to do fun things inside your own home. You can order food or cook for the whole family.

Chicken Curry for lunch

I personally like the idea especially when budget is a bit tight. There plenty of things to do at home. Given the advancement of technology, the availability of different platform like Netflix is one thing. Renting movies in dvd or blu-ray is another. 

I love Netflix

I know few hotels who offer the same type of vacation where you will experience the comfort of your own home. Some hotels have their own mall which literally have everything. Movie house, retail shops, game house, restaurants and more. Never been in such hotel but hopefully I'll have my chance to encounter such. 

This Sunday, staying at home with hubby was more fun and relaxing. I cooked lunch and dinner for us intead of eating out. We watched few movies while munching our favorite foods. 

Favorite Snacks

Halo-halo for a very hot weather.

Mr. Crabby for dinner

Now, we're waiting for MOTOGP Laguna Seca Race in our television. Hoping for Valentino Rosi on podium. 



  1. I have staycation all the time! Less expenses and more relaxing.

  2. Wowoweee i AM DROOLING AND MY TUMMY JUST GRUMBLED LOL. I think I may have to grab a snack after looking at your yummy photos.

  3. That's true! I love home staycations! You can't chillax better than being home. :)

  4. Nothing beats the comforts of our homes. We can do exciting activities and share unforgettable moments without going out and spending so much. There's really no place like home.

  5. I agree, mas nakakamura sa home specially if you have a good cook in the house.

  6. I love staying at home. I'm a certified home buddy! ♥

  7. We did staycation first week of July,though hubby was itchy to go on vacation but our daughter has a VBS so we make our priority.

  8. I love staycations sis. I don't mind using my vacation leave for that purpose - just to bum around at home doing nothing. :)

    I like your activities too. It's so laid back and relaxing. Sometimes, we need to really just let it loose and not do anything.

    I remember using 2 weeks of my vacation few years ago at home. I didn't travel nor went shopping. I just stayed home, watching movies, reading my fave books, blogging, doing crafts, finishing household chores, cleaning the closets, bonding with my daughter and dog while my hubby worked. Such a bliss sis. And if I have my way, I'll do it again in a heart beat. ;) It actually made me more calm and collected as soon as I got back to my manic corporate life.

  9. I agree, vacation at home is the best!


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