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Roscrea Castle and Damer House at County Tipperary, Ireland

Few weeks ago, my sweetheart and I was at Roscrea Town of County Tipperary. It was one of our awaited trip for the year because we were so interested to see few Irish Heritage Sites in the Mid-West Region of Ireland.

First in our itineraries is the Roscrea Castle and Damer House which is located at the heart of Roscrea Town. 

Square Castle (gate tower)
Roscrea Castle was originally made of wood but was re-built into stone castle in the year 1280s. It is pretty small for the usual castle I've been but given the history of this place, I still admire it's unique beauty and charm. It is actually made of a gate tower, two corner towers and curtain walls. 

Draw-bridge of Roscrea Castle

You can see in the above picture that Roscrea Town is really a heritage sites because most of the buildings there are preserved into their originally look. I took time standing there to have a clear view of the peaceful street and even bringing back the old days where people are busy walking. Did I mention that the town was a market town before?
The Square Castle (gate tower) was the entrance of the castle towards the courtyard.

This is how pointed the ends of the heavy gate of the castle. 

It was own by Butler Family in 1703 then sold to King's Hospital and sold again to John Damer in 1722. With the transfer of ownership, the original contents of the castle was not known. You can find bits and pieces in different rooms of the castle, but as I said they are not the original furnitures and decorations. The Office and Public Works later took charge of maintaining the place. They furnished the castle with things existed on the said period. 

Chairs and tables in the center hall. 

Tapestry in the hall.

Original mechanisms behind the draw-bridge.

Viewing Deck

Castle Door

In the courtyard, there's a Queen Anne style house which was named as Damer House. The house was surrounded with windows. I learned then that it was a pre-Palladian architecture. It was unfortunate because photography is not allowed inside the house. But I say, it is really pretty and well decorated according to the period.

The first two floors were used by the owners of the house and the top floor was for the servants. The top floor has separate stairs that have access to different floors which was used by servants only during the early days. Now, it is the access to the top floor exhibitions.

It was believed that windows are all over the house because the Damer Family love to follow the natural light as they do their activities like eating, reading books, etc. SO they moved around the house each time of the day.

Damer House

After Damer family left the house, it was then use for different purposes.  It became a barracks, school and sanatorium. That's the reason too why all the original furnitures and decorations inside are not preserved. The wing added on the left side of the house was built during the time when it was use as a barracks. 
Interesting staircase of the extension wing of the house.

My favorite part of the castle is the garden. Look how beautiful it is.
Fancy Fountain at the back of the Castle

Passage way towards the courtyard.

Local people go here to read their books or eat their snacks while listening to the drops of water from the fountain and the singing birds.

Small cross-shaped holes around the curtain walls. 

Nothing was said about this, just looks interesting :)

Contact Details:
Roscrea Castle and Damer House
Address: Castle Street, Roscrea
Telephone Number: +353-50521850


  1. Wow, it must be neat to be inside a castle, lucky you sis. I love those old stuff inside. Thanks for the tour!

  2. awesomeness is in here! thanks for sharing lovely photos, by that my eyes are full and it's like i visited the place too

  3. I love that tapestry in the wall and how it blends in with the rest of the room. Love to see places like this!

  4. very nice there!! my husband and I loves to go in Ireland as well i see it very interesting than the others! this castle is amazing! gives me chill!

  5. Looking at your photos reminds me of the movie hubby and I watched.

  6. first, love the watermark you put in the first picture, it looks like part of the sign :)

    second, this is awesome, to experience that was built several centuries ago, am so glad that is preserved to a heritage site we all could learn about.

    and yes, that garden is so beautiful!

  7. Thanks for sharing, I feel like I've toured in the place too because of the pictures and information you shared. I'm glad that you do have a great time as well as good memories to cherished on this place.

  8. I'd willingly go to a place like this without a skip in a beat if I had the chance. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of this.

  9. This is one thing I like from your blog sis, I see places even if it's just in photos. Lucky you!

  10. I love all your photos of the place especially the entry to the courtyard shot...this makes me think of queens and kings and a time so long ago when technology was yet a thing of the future...I wonder how it was like to live in a castle...the fountain is refreshing to the eyes...

  11. Castles! I really love old edifices, much more the more ancient ones... I wish I could also visit a castle like you because the only accessible old edifices to me here in the Philippines are those 16th century churches (which I so love). A 12th or 13th century one will readily give me chills!

  12. Would love to visit a castle one day, perfect to think about kings and queens.. that lovely fountain is a perfect background for photos.. uy nice din yung mga doors and stairs

  13. Simple lang ang exterior ng castle but the interior , grabe. Wish I can see a castle someday. Hanggang sand castle lang alam ko.

  14. One of the places I wish to visit it Ireland. It is in my bucket list. Great place~!

  15. Yay! Makes me more excited to fly and visit Ireland. If only I could, I would.... :/

  16. This place is new to me. Thanks for sharing.


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