20 July 2013

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Photos For Printing

I was going through my files one weekend and I was surprised by how many photos we've taken for over 4 years now since we moved here in Ireland. I could not believe myself that one of our 1 terabyte external hard drive is nearly full. 

Okay call me old style, but I love to see my photos printed and arranged in an album. I know I can't print all our shots but at least I can choose few hundreds to print. I find printing companies at printingamerica.com that can help me bind some of my collections.

 Here are few of my favorite shots that I would love to print and bind. Please, tell me if these photos are good enough for printing.


  1. Wow sis, your photography shots are gorgeous! Absolutely worth printing for or put in frames!

  2. Your photos are so beautiful! You are an awesome photographer!

  3. I love that photo of the old man, speaks wisdom!


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