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Keep Your Dog Healthy with Vaccinations from a Pet Vet

If you are considering getting a dog for the first time, you likely have some questions. Something that many future dog owners want to know more about before the arrival of their new pet is vaccinations. You want to do what you can to keep your dog healthy, so they can live a long, happy life. Vaccinations help make this possible. They prevent many of the diseases that could be very detrimental to your dog. When you get your new dog, it’s important to visit a pet vet in Dallas to consult with them and determine which vaccinations are right for your animal. Their purpose is not just to treat your pets when they get sick, but to help you prevent it from happening as much as possible. 

Determining Useful Vaccinations 

Although providing certain vaccinations to dogs will be based on criteria that are unique to them, there are other shots that are important for all dogs to receive. They build your dog’s immune system to fight rabies, distemper, canine parvovirus, and canine hepatitis. Your veterinarian will be able to administer all of these shots, plus any others they feel are necessary. Factors that will influence which shots your dog should receive and how often they should be given include age, possibility of exposure to certain diseases, local and state laws, medical history, and overall lifestyle.

Regular Checkups

Some people mistakenly believe that vaccinations should only be given to new puppies. This is certainly not true. Although puppies will likely need more shots than a grown dog, adult animals need their immune system kept up as well. Just like human immunizations, not all animal shots will last a lifetime. For instance, some areas mandate a rabies shot to be given annually. Other locations require one every few years. This is why regular checkups with your Pet Vet in Dallas are important. They will help you keep your pet’s shot schedule on track and ensure that you are keeping your dog healthy and obeying the law. Do all that you can to increase the life span of your pet and prevent them from future suffering. You and your pet will be both happier and healthier.


  1. Having dogs is costly because you have to keep up with vaccinations and stuff. We do have our dogs checked and vaccinated regularly.

  2. I agree, vaccinations can add more life to your dog. But owners must see to it na their beloved dog must have a regular check up specially for the Big breeds.

  3. I have not experienced having a pet here in the US, but if we decide in the future to have one, I will surely make sure the he/she has the complete vaccines.

  4. It is a requirement here to have a regular check ups and vaccination, ang mahal but that is something that pet owners like us must do and comply.

  5. Yes, our pets should be regularly checked as well just like human does. They need regular vaccinations and regular check ups can also help spot early illness and stop them from developing.


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