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It's Paris Sweetheart -Day3 Part 1

Our third day in Paris was a bit overwhelming. Since we bought the Paris Museum Pass, we gained access to 60 museums and monuments. Now, that's too much for one day. Our pass was valid for two days. But still we needed to narrow down what we want to see or else, we won't see the other sites. 

The price of the pass back then was €32 but now I checked it is €39. It is still cheaper than buying tickets at each major museum and monument (even if you choose to visit 10 places only).

First in our list was The Musée du Louvre. As I mentioned in my last post, visiting this museum was a dream come true. Since I moved here in Europe, I became interested on arts and history (with the influence of my better half). 

The Musée du Louvre is the one of the largest museums in the whole wide world. Let me repeat that it is the central landmark of Paris, France. The Louvre Pyramid was actually completely at 1989 only. But since then, the place became a tremendous hit.
Louvre Museum Courtyard

Underground Lobby directly under the Louvre Pyramid

Notice at the Le Carrousel entrance to Louvre Museum

I'm lost for words to describe how exquisite the structure of the museum and everything in it. There's so much to share here but I certainly don't know how to start. Let me just share with you some of the popular visited portraits and statues inside the museum.
The best known portrait by Leonardo da Vinci. It was created between 1503 - 1517.  I actually didn't know that its size is just 77cm x 57 cm until I set my eyes on that popular portrait. You can see what I'm talking about in my previous blog post.
The Winged Victory of Samothrace, also called the Nike of Samothrace, is a 2nd-century BC marble sculpture of the Greek goddess Nike. Wikipedia

Venus de Milo is an ancient greek statue created by Alexandros of Antioch.
It is the Aphrodite of Milos.
Painting by Jacques-Louis David called The Coronation of Napoleon.
The sculpture of the Seated Scribe or Squatting Scribe is one of the most important examples of ancient Egyptian art. It represents a figure of a seated scribe at work. Wikipedia
One of interesting paintings found at the ceiling of Louvre Musuem.
As I said this day was a profuse one and I don't think I can't share everything just in one go. You'll have to excuse me then because I think I need to deliver this day trip by parts. Let's just say this one is Part 1 of my Day 3 in Paris.


  1. We've seen Aphrodite of Milos when we went to the museum too. Beautiful captures sis.

  2. I say - you are living a sweet life! Touring Europe is one of my dreams. Hopefully, the husband and I can tour there on our 10th year anniversary...

  3. Great place to visit. Correct me if I'm wrong, parang dito nag-shoot ang Da Vinci Code.

  4. Waaa, sis I so envy you! Visiting Paris is one of my travel dreams,hehe! And that Louvre Museum Courtyard will definitely be one of my itinerary, hehe!

  5. Now, another Paris overload virtual tour.

    Thanks for sharing this Ate Len. Would really love to be in Paris someday! ♥

  6. @Papaleng You're absolutely right. That's where some parts of Da Vinci Code Movie were taken. After visiting this place I watched the movie again to recall the spots I've been.

  7. @Algene I wish that I can hold the Scribe too, but it is enclosed in a thick glass. But it is really beautiful.

  8. wow those looks incredible! paris is deifntely in my lists of things to go very soon hopefully. I just thought that this country has everything for a girl like me. so much history, fashion, busy places and all

  9. The museum courtyard is gorgeous sis!

  10. I wish I could also go to Paris someday... love the photos.


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