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It's Paris Sweetheart -Day3 Part 2

This will be the second part of of our Day 3 Trip in Paris. Walking around Louvre Museum was so tiring but I had so much appreciation of popular statues and pantings.

Many of these stone carvings can be found inside the Louvre Museum.
We went to five more places in the afternoon. Actually, we went to three of these places that day since we don't have enough time to explore all them. We managed to go back at Sainte Chapelle the next day. 
  1. The Pantheon
  2. Jardin du Luxembourg
  3. Notre Dame
  4. Sainte Chapelle
  5. Conciergerie
The Pantheon
Every time I see Pantheon I was reminded of how beautiful is the gothic and classical period. By the way, Pantheon is a greek word which means "Every god".

If you've been to Rome, you'll notice that the facade of this Pantheon is similar to that of Rome. It was made originally as church dedicated to St. Genevieve but nowadays it is maintained as a secular mausoleum. The Pantheon kept all the remains of distinguished people of France such as Voltaire, Victor Hugo and Marie Curie.

Pediment of The Pantheon
Look at this pediment, the detailed design is interesting by itself. But the motto written on it makes it more meaningful. That is "Aux grands hommes, la patrie reconnaissante"  which means "To its great men, a grateful fatherland".

Joan of Arc
The wall of The Pantheon was painted with the rich history of France including Joan of Arc. I didn't pay much attention on this part since all I did was sat down on the floor because my feet were really tired of walking. 

La Convention Nationale (The National Convention)
This statue at the far back of The Pantheon bears the symbol of France Marianne which is surrounded with soldiers and members of parliament. Underneath the figure of Marianne, there's a carved motto in French "Vivre libre ou mourir”. It means “To live free or die”.

The Crypt. This is where the greatest people of France were entombed. 
Not far from The Pantheon is a garden known as Jardin du Luxembourg. It is the second largest public park in Paris. You'll also find the Luxembourg Palace inside this 22 hectares park.

Entrance to the Luxembourg Palace and Gardens
Luxembourg Palace
Luxembourg Park
One of the statues inside the Luxembourg Park with the view of The Pantheon.

Another amazing spot in paris is the Sainte-Chapelle. It is a gem of High Gothic architecture. I can't deny that with the pretty elaborate design and structure of this building. We went into this place on our Day 4. We didn't have much time that afternoon to explore it.

At this point we decided to carry on and check the Notre-Dame de Paris or Notre-Dame Cathedral. The queue was so long that we didn't made it to the last admission. That's sad but since we're hungry we agreed to just eat in the near by restaurant with a great view of this historic Roman Rite Catholic Marian cathedral. 

Notre Dame
Okay, after filling up our tummies with delicious foods, another museum won't hurt. So we headed to the Conciergerie. It was a palace and prison. It was the place where Marie-Antoinette was held. 

Marie-Antoinette's Cell at Conciergerie
Clothes in the 14th century 

We just walked from point A to Point B. Though the weather was really cold, still we enjoyed walking because everything we see in the streets amazed us. It is truly a beautiful city. We certainly didn't mind our heavy coats and shoes. 

Irish Pub on our way to The Pantheon
I was deceived by this painting Rue Lhomond Paris
What a lovely street to walk.
Not so busy road at Paris

And that concluded our Day 3. See you on Day 4.


    1. thanks for giving us this tour Len, feels like I've been there too, though I still wish to visit this place someday.

    2. Great architecture!!! Paris is one of my dream vacation. Hopefully, I can go there not to far from now.

    3. I've heard good things about Paris with my husband.He stayed there for five years.

    4. Such a beautiful place to be, I could only dream to visit it someday.

    5. Yay! Another amazing virtual in Paris! :))

      Woohooo!!! These are the places I want to visit in Paris! ♥

    6. Awesome architecture! How I wish kasama ako, nevertheless, a nice online tour for me sis.


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