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It's Paris Sweetheart -Day1

This was Day 1 of our trip in Paris. I know right, Paris. I could not believe it as well. The first time hubby told me that we're going to such beautiful city, my heart would love to jump out and hug him tight. I am so delighted with the whole trip except from the part that I got sick because of the cold weather. Good thing that was our last day. 

Disneyland Paris
My husband and I decided to maximize the use of our visa, so we took 6 days in Paris, exploring every corner of it as possible. We spent two days in Disneyland Paris and the rest around the city. 

Park City Hall
Day 1 was at Disneyland Park. It was a huge park with more or less 50 attractions. The entrance itself was very captivating. Since we bought all our tickets online, we didn't queued for a long time to get in. That's the convenience of have everything sorted out before heading somewhere. And if I may say, there are better offers and discounts when tickets are bought online. Information, brochures and bookings for restaurants and activities at Disneyland Paris can be made at the City Hall. 

Main Street Vehicles
I was so amazed with literally everything in the park just like this cute wagon. It can take you at some areas in the park. Sadly I never got the chance to try. But it's okay I'll get my chance the next time around (dreaming of getting back there).
Goofy on his colorful ride. 
What is Disneyland without the famous mascots? As you get in the park, a staff will hand over a programme for the day. You can also download the Disney app. There you'll see the schedules of the shows and mascot appearances at certain points. That I didn't missed. I actually have a booklet with the signatures of the Disney Characters I caught. I was a kid again for two days. Plenty of running and riding. Whew, so tiring. But hey it was so fun. Plus I got to do all that with my best mate (my sweetheart).  

Sleeping Beauty's Castle
The Sleeping Beauty Castle is so stunning. When you go inside, you'll come to recall the story os Sleeping Beauty through the colorful cathedral windows just like the one below. To b honest, I don't want to get out of that castle. I felt that I was a princess inside the castle. Love that feeling so much. 
One of the cathedral windows.
We spent half of our day riding not nearly half of the rides available there. The queue on every point/station was very long. Couldn't do something about it unless you'll avail of the Fastpass. That pass gives you the privilege of cutting down the queueing time at the most popular attractions. There's a kiosk near those attractions to get this park ticket.

With all that fun activities, we definitely got hungry. Although we brought something with us, still we were tempted to try what they serve there. I remember having a big serving of pizza with chips on the side. I think hubby had some pasta. Everything was consumed when I realized I didn't take pictures of the foods. It's okay,the important thing was I'm full and ready again for the next 6 hours or so.
Here's a good look of one of the restaurants. 
One of my favorite attraction was the thing called "It's a Small World". It's actually a cruise inside a some sort of Fantasyland which featured every culture of different countries (in miniature versions). It was so colorful inside, the lights and fixtures were amazing. It was like sailing around the world.

I can go on all day, telling you stories of our adventure at Disneyland, but I do not want to bore you. So I'll jump on the later part of that day. We checked the souvenir shops and found this Eiffel Tower with Stitch on it. As usual, stuffed toys are also available. We grabbed some for ourselves and for family and friends. But not much though because it's not cheap and we still have 4 days to explore Paris.  

Stitch at the Eiffel Tower

Stuffed Toys
We got tired eventually, so we just sat at one corner while eating some cotton candies and sipping a cup of fizzy drinks. We didn't go back to our hotel yet because we waited for the most popular Disney Parade or what they called Disney Fantillusion.
Main Street / Central Plaza
Mickey Mouse Float
Mickey Mouse On His Float 
I sincerely don't know where I got all the time to take pictures since there are plenty to enjoy that day. But I'm glad I did. Because looking at these pictures now made me say, "Thank you Lord for such a wonderful and magical holiday."
Sleeping Beauty Castle At Night


  1. I agree what you said. Sometime I forget to take photos because of too many activities and going on and I enjoyed the show especially on disney.

  2. disney is the land of happiness as they say, i too love the disney parade, glad you were able to take lots of pictures despite the experience can be overwhelming sometimes, when we get too excited, sometimes, we forget about pictures :)

  3. Uh-oh, that is too bad that you got sick sis. Paris, when can I see you? Lol.

  4. Wow! that's an awesome treat from your hubby. Disneyland is such a great place to visit. Magkano naman ang entrance? ;)

  5. Paris!!!! I envy you. I always want to visit this place, but I have no budget for it yet. :-(

  6. Ahhh!!! Paris is such a beautiful city Sis :-) You make me envy by looking at those pictures. I hope you have a memorable time in Paris :-)

  7. Wow! DisneyLand! I've always wanted to go visit one - at least in HongKong (Asia). But Paris? I may never have the chance to go there because of tight budget. :(

  8. That Romantic city! Still my dream destination, I mean, dream really. I don't know when it will come to reality, LOLS!

  9. I was able to visit Paris 10 years ago and was also able to visit Disneyland in Paris and enjoyed my experience there.

  10. Paris is one of the places I would really love to visit in this lifetime + I will make sure to include Disney Paris in my itinerary! Am sure my little boy will love it!

  11. you are having fun in the love capital of the world... enjoy. Yahweh bless.

  12. the romantic city is one of my dream destinations- the places, the people and the structures - indeed lovely and beautiful!


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