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How To Get The Most Of Your Holiday?

At least once every year, we must spend time to unwind and see the world. We should have some time off from our daily routine and job. We all have different ideas of holiday. Mine is enjoying the beach and anything around it. I can also go for trips in different cities of the world. Having a great and memorable holiday is something we always want. 

Spanish Steps At Italy

To make the most out of your holiday, I suggest you do the following:
  1. Plan ahead. Planning ahead includes setting your destination, reserving the place to stay, choosing of activities to do and of course saving for the said holiday. The planning part is the hardest part but as you sort one thing at a time, the holiday becomes more exciting.
  2. Keep a checklist of to do before travelling. This list depends on where and what kind of holiday you are going to have.
  3. Ready your documents as early as possible. You certainly do not like your holiday to be cancelled because you forget to apply for visa (that's if you are travelling abroad) or your passport is expired.

    a. Passport
    b. Visa
    c. Travel Insurance
    d. Health Insurance
    e. Prescriptions (if you are taking any prescribed drugs)
    f. Confirmation letter of place to stay
    g. Plane Tickets (bus, train etc.)
    h. Driving License (if you rented cars abroad, you definitely need this)
    i. Any other tickets or documents you might be needing on your holiday.
  4. Know what to bring to your holiday. Having a list of what you need or you should bring on your trip is very important. You can divide your list to categories so you won't be missing a thing.

    a. Important Stuffs (these are the things listed in number 3)

    b. Gadgets and Tools
         - Camera and memory card
         - Mobile Phone and charger
         - Batteries
         - Adapter
         - Luggage Locks
         - Maps and Guide Book

    c. First Aid Kit and Medicines
         - First aid kit (bandage, alcohol swab, plasters etc.)
         - Medicines to bring are: pain reliever, indigestion tablets, rehydrating sachets, drugs for diarrhea.
         - Insect repellent and antiseptic
         - Prescription Medicines

    d. Washbag
         - Toothpaste and toothbrush
         - Soap, shampoo and conditionaer
         - Deodorant
         - Other haircare and styling products

    * Make sure to bring the Airline approved sizes so you won't ended up throwing them away.

    e. Cosmetics
         - Hairbrush/comb
         - Moisturizer
         - Facial Wipes
         - Shaving cream, razor and aftershave

    f. Beach things must-have
         - Sun protection products (sun lotion at least SPF 15+, aftersun lotion and lip balm)
         - Swimsuits/swimwear
         - Sunglasses
         - Towel
         - Beach Bag
         - Hat
         - Flip-flops
  5. Research about the place you are going to. Exploring a new place is one of the exciting part of traveling but knowing at least of what to expect is better rather than being totally not ready of what is awaiting you.
  6. Have a needed vaccination. Nowadays, you can never be sure what is there on the other side of the world. Travel vaccines are the best way to fight diseases. Once you tell your doctor where you are going, he or she will advise you of what vaccine you need before travelling.
  7. Don't Carry Too Much Money. There is no point of bring large amount of currency in you pocket when you have the credit card or bank card. It is the most safest way to enjoy your holiday. But you may also need to carry along with you small amount of local currency that you can spend for transportation or to buy few things along the way. 
Always carry a notepad where you jotted all emergency numbers such as number of the person to contact in case of emergency and your bank's contact number in case your card was lost.  Make sure also that you email yourself all documents or details of anything you need on your travel. Use your common sense and sound judgement on anything.

Keep safe and enjoy your holiday. 


  1. Very thorough list and helpful for travelers. Planning ahead and making a list of what you need and do is very important.

  2. Well said, all what you wrote is very important to all traveler. If it is outside the country we try to bring travelers check which is safe for us and sometime we transferred money through our credit card which is safer also.

  3. Yeap once in a while its healthy to just pack your bags and go on a vacation long or short trip is fine. Life is so stress full and we all need it. I always love to go to Italy!

  4. Almost all a traveler needs is in this list except for one...who will take care of the house?..


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