21 July 2013

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Horseback Riding Challenge

I never tried horseback riding in my life. I would like to make this a challenge to myself. I heard that there are plenty of horse riding school here in Ireland. I remember when I visited the Irish National Stud at Wicklow, I've seen many students enrolled in such. 

I just find the horses in this country a bit taller than in other countries. It looks safe even if the horses in this country are totally taller than the usual one that I see in other countries. Just need to wear horseback riding helmets though.

Wish me good luck on this challenge. Hope I'll make it.
View My Visit at Irish National Stud


  1. With proper training sis, I bet you will be a good rider. I'd love to learn to. I only ride carabaos when I was a kid lol.

  2. I love horseback riding when I was young. I remember riding a pony with my siblings in Tagaytay and every summer, we would spend countless hours of joyful horse-riding and I really miss that. Horseback-riding here in Dubai is a lucrative pastime. I can only reminisce the past.


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