31 July 2013

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He is the best!

Over the years, I've come to know the man whose been there for me no matter what. We've been too many places and we've shared many unforgettable moments. I owe him every great cities I've been and all the good times I had. My sweetheart deserves all the best in life. His patience and love for me are incredible that there's no simple ways to reciprocate it. 

His birthday is coming in three months time and I'm thinking of a special gift for him. He loves music a lot. His phone is loaded with quite huge number of songs. Giving him an ipod is one great idea, a big storage will be better. He also plays drums but he always wanted to learn how to play guitar. So I'm thinking to buy gibson advanced jumbo at musicians friend . Getting the ipad mini is an excellent idea but I worry that he won't like it because it is not yet retina display. These are just few of the many choices I have. But I want the best for him and hopefully, the one he will truly appreciate.

I still have 3 months to think and to earn for whatever I will get for him. I just hope that when that day comes, I already made up my mind. 


  1. guitars are cool! we have a gibson guitar but i'm not sure what it is exactly like the model. My son likes to play with it, but he doesn't really want to play. I think he just likes to strum and make noise lol

  2. A guitar would be awesome as you can sing while he plays. Advance happy birthday to your man , sis!

  3. Aww, such a sweet post. The Gibson guitar would be a great choice!


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