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Five Cents And A Euro

When we visit new place, we never forget to ask ourselves, "what souvenir shall I get?" The trip itself is sometimes expensive. Accommodation, food allowance, transportation, entrance tickets and even souvenirs are all contributing to the cost of a certain vacation here and there. The most common souvenir is T-shirt bearing the name of the country or attraction you've been. I don't know if you will agree with me that even T-shirts are often overpriced. You kind of having a second thought especially when you are travelling with the whole family of 4 or more, isn't it? 

Gladly, there are alternatives to choose from. Hubby started collecting keychains since he was a bachelor. Obviously, it will not be scratched from the choices. We also consider buying gold coins like those that we got from Paris and Brighton for only €3 each. 

(Front Coin #1) The Pantheon (Paris, France)
(Back Coin #1) Monnate De Paris - Paris, France
(Front Coin #2) Notre Dame - Paris, France
(Back Coin #2) Notre Dame - Paris, France
(Coin #3) Paris City

(Front Coin #4)Royal Pavillion (Brighton, England )

(Back Coin #4)  The Official Medal Collection of Great Britain (Brighton, England)
I prefer souvenirs that are reasonable priced. Well, who doesn't? One closest to my heart cost a euro and five cents or a penny and a pound. You got to press this thing by yourself. How about that? You had fun and you've got yourself a cute oval memento. The embossed designs will vary depending on what you like. They call the machine 'penny press'. I got curious where it all started and found out that the first coin pressed was at Illinois in the year 1893. I say, this is a brilliant idea and I'm loving it so much. 

 Here are the photos of what I'm talking about.
Dublin Zoo (Dublin, Ireland)

M & M World London (London, England)

 (Front) Madame Tussauds (London, England)

(Back) Madame Tussauds

Fota Wildlife Park (Cork, Ireland)

Cliffs of Moher (Galway, Ireland)

Piazza Navona ( Rome, Italy)

Do you have a best-loved thing to buy when you're out of town or out of the country?


  1. Great souvenirs sis! As for me, I love t-shirts as my souvenirs :) The one that has a name of the place that I went to.
    Hey sis, I love your blog!

  2. My mom collects coins too as she always remind my dad before whenever he went out of the country for work. Now that my eldest brother has the same profession like my late dad, mom never forgot reminding him to add her collections. Though mom haven't been into places outside the country, she has a lot in her safe of different countries coins. She managed to continues her fascination collecting different countries coins.

  3. Hubby has coin collections from the countries he has visited from the past. Those are some nice souvenirs sis.

  4. Definitely, a good choice for a collection. You will never know if they get expensive in the future.

  5. Now those are excellent souvenirs, I must say! They are not only less expensive, they are also space-friendly in our luggage! T-shirts are good souvenirs but I usually don't buy them because of the space they accumulate. Most of the times, I just settle with postcards or keychains or magnets. I take a whole lot of pictures though and for me they are the best souvenirs I can gather! :D

  6. lovely pieces of souvenirs! I'm too old school when it comes to this. I'm happy enough with fridge magnets. :)

  7. Amazing pieces of gold coins. Great idea to have them as souvenir items.

  8. I collect dollar bill all currency , i love your collections too :)

  9. Nice. You have an amazing collection of souvenirs Ate Len! ♥

  10. I've seen the penny press during our recent trip to Texas. I was going to get some but the kids wanted the the ship memorial coins so that's what we got. I am sure that you will collect more of these sis as you are traveling a lot!

  11. Those are all so cool! I love getting little pieces of places!

  12. Coins are great collections as a souvenir. I have few coins which I had when we went to Hong Kong.

  13. That's great you guys enjoy traveling. I really would love to see some beautiful sites in Europe. Would love to collect some coins and badges there too. Awesome collection you have here.

  14. Now I'm confused on what I would bought as souvenir on my upcoming vacation. I usually prefer souvenir t-shirts. But I like the idea of collecting fridge magnets.

  15. Wow, I have never seen an oval coin before.


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