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Exploring Dublin Zoo

Front Gate of Dublin Zoo
Dublin Zoo was established in May 10, 1830 but was opened to public on September 1, 1831. It was known before as Zoological Gardens Dublin. It is considered as the third oldest zoo in the whole world and the largest one in Ireland. It is located inside Phoenix Park (Dublin 8, Ireland), one of the largest walled city parks in Europe.

Arc near the Meerkat Restaurant
Dublin Zoo is about 28 hectares that comprises of different areas namely:

  • World of Cats
  • World of Primates
  • Fringes of the Arctic
  • African Plains / African Savanna
  • Gorilla Rainforest
  • The Kaziranga Forest Trail
  • Farm
  • Bird's House
  • Reptile House
There are plenty of interesting animals around the zoo. Each of them were confined in a very large areas. They can move freely as they want too while people observe them. 

Here are my favorite species.
Asian Elephant (The Kaziranga Forest Trail)

Chimpanzee - Mother and Child (Near the Gorilla Rainforest)
Peacock (Somewhere near the Coffee Shop) called Peafowl
Hippopotamus (African Plains)
You can rarely see this hippopotamus sunbathing like this. This mammal loves to play hide and seek with people. And he hides under water. Hmmp, sounds not fair. :) 
Red Panda (The Kaziranga Forest Trail)
I always caught this Red Panda sleeping. In this photograph, I'm not sure though. This animal is very interesting to watch. Red Panda is an endangered animal. It is commonly found in southern Asia, most especially in Himalayas. The zoo maintains bamboo plant for red pandas and some lemurs.

If I have favorite ones, I also have some that I don't hate but I'm scared of (even take pictures of them). Good thing my husband is with me and he got those covered. 

Lizard (Reptile House)
We're pretty much aware that lizard is one of the cold-blooded reptiles. This scares me so much. I can't even stare at it. This is not the only species of reptiles that you can find in Dublin Zoo. There are snakes, chameleon, and different kinds of turtles. They are all inside the Reptile House. 

Abyssinian Ground-Hornbill (African Plains)
This type of hornbill has a size like turkey. It creates a very powerful noise by inflating its neck wattle (the orange swelling thing). 

The zoo was built for conservation and education purposes which up to now is running for the same goals. As matter of fact the zoo hosts different events that can increase awareness of children and adults on how to protect the habitat of the wildlife animals. Educational tours and gatherings in the zoo also helps in developing the sense of appreciation of amazing animals around the world. 

The zoo keepers have presentations that you can listen and learn. It's up to you really. We've chose to attend few but not all. But it's okay because there are plenty of information that can be read all over the place (basically at every animal cage).

Playground near the African Savanna
Picnic Areas near the Haughton House
What I love about this zoo is that it has lots of wide picnic areas and playgrounds. The restaurant serves decent foods and the coffee shop offers delicious treats. On your way out, there's a Zoovenir Shop where you can buy stuffed animals and other souvenirs. There is also a stand where you can find your photo that was taken at the entrance of the Zoo. It's you decision if you will get it at a very reasonable price.

I highly recommend that you bring your own camera and capture every moment there. To be honest, I have loads of pictures of animals taken at Dublin Zoo since I've been there for four times. I just can't post all of them here. I plan to have those printed as postcards and calendars. I've seen great samples at

The entrance fee to the zoo is €16.00 for adult and €11.50 for child age 3-15. Hubby can get the ticket for €6.00 since he is a member of a social club at their office. Kellogs also have their promotion ticket at the box which is buy one ticket and another person with you can come in for free.


  1. I love going to the zoo too, and your elephant picture is such a sweet picture, you really captured that priceless moment at the right time

  2. I love going Zoo and bring my daughter. Last year we have a one year pass for a zoo and we get a lot of used

  3. Holly cow, these are super gorgeous shots. I love the elephant, are those real?

  4. I must admit - I have never been into a zoo in my entire life. I could always go to one of I want to, but for some reason, I am not so much into animals. I like seeing pictures of them though, especially when taken well...just like what you have here.

  5. Oh wow, this is great. It reminds me that I have to bring my children to the zoo for a different experience.

  6. wow! those are zoorific captures worth printing!

  7. Nice photos and the Zoo is fully-loaded with animals. O like to visit the cat house and bird house.

  8. those are such interesting and beautifully captured shots of our animal the Hippopotamus most :D Your captures will look awesome in postcards and greeting cards! Go ahead and have them printed soon! :)

  9. Amazing shots Ate Len! :)

    It would probably be fun to have a visit in Dublin Zoo one day... hoping! ♥

  10. What's the name of that blue peacock? I thought I saw the same on when we visited a zoo in Davao before. SO CUTE! :D

  11. Rochkirstin, the peacock is called Peafowl (Indian).

  12. i would love to visit this and see what's the other animals I havent even before in other past zoo's I've been too! love the picnic area!

  13. I saw the red Panda in Hong Kong and it's very energetic unlike the black/white Panda. Isn't the Lizard in your photo a Komodo Dragon?

  14. How I wish I could see this animals in their actual location. Peacock is my favorite so colorful.

  15. Even though I love peacock , I love the photo of the chimpanzee the most.

  16. At first I thought those giraffes at the playground were real. Hihi! I've never to Ireland but I do dream of flying to the place one day! =) Thank you for sharing us another go-to place! ♥

  17. I'm not fond of zoos. I pity the animals that have been taken away from their natural habitats but since this is a very old zoo, I'd expect they'd be treating these animals right.

  18. I love the peafowl. It has a such colorful feather. I have seen a pair of peafowl in our place, but not like as colorful as this one.

  19. Frank , yes it is a Komodo Dragon.

  20. Did you take those pictures yourself? You have a keen eye for photography! Such wonderful photos. The zoos here are no match to the state of the Dublin Zoo. The animals in the local zoos here look so pitiful that they would seem to be better off in the wild.

  21. dublin zoo's that long? wow... by the way, great pics. Yahweh bless.

  22. Very fascinating photos! Love the elephants they look so cute! :)

  23. a trip to the zoo is always a fascinating experience. a perfect way to commune with nature and escape the trappings of day-to-day living. we've just been to a local zoo last month + i cannot wait to visit another one!


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