21 July 2013

# Castles # History


Few weeks ago we had a short trip to Mid-West Region of Ireland. Can I just say that if you like to do some castle-hopping, it is the place to be. I'll just give you preview of what we've seen that day.

Cahir Castle

View From Rock of Cashel

Roscrea Heritage
Have a blessed Sunday to you all. 


  1. What a magical view. It would be great t explore castles. Nasa Ireland ka pala sis, hubby is part Irish hehehe.

  2. I love seeing castles. It's the next attraction I always book whenever I have the chance, next to seeing light houses.

    The first time I have seen a castle was in Tivoli, Italy. It was small but so quaint and cute. I am not sure if we can consider palaces as castles because I've seen one in Munich. But I prefer the real ones with turrets and all. I love the old, medieval look and feel of those places.

    The photos you posted are really nice. :) I wish I can visit them someday.

  3. I've never been into a real castle. And I wish I'll visit one someday. You may be feeling a sense of enchantment when you are inside in it.

  4. Thank you sis for taking us to a virtual tour in Ireland. The plains look very refreshing.

  5. I love seeing castles, it's always a bonus for me to see castles in places we visit, though I probably won't plan a trip for simply castle watching, but I do search for castles whenever we travel just in case the place we visit have one and I do not one to miss it. you took very beautiful photographs of them

  6. Just thinking about the amount of labor and stones used to make these castle is astonishing!!! Work of art!

  7. How I wish to see one. Sana it would be King Arthur's Castle.

  8. Wow sis, you travel a lot and I envy you, hehe! It must be awesome to see such castle in person!

  9. Ahhh... castles! Those are the stuff that I really look forward to seeing and Europe! I wish I can have this dream become real someday! Lol. Nice shot!

  10. I really love castles. I want to visit more in my travels in the future and hopefully, we can visit Ireland, Scotland and UK soon. :)


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