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20 July 2013

A Day Spent At Malahide Beach

Today we went to the Malahide Beach. It's not the best beach I've ever been but I enjoyed every corner of the town. When we arrived there, the beach was not full packed yet. That was around 9:30 in the morning but as time goes by, people keeps on coming and getting comfortable under the sun. 

Malahide Beach

Summer here in Ireland is not usually like this. When the temperature reach 32 degree, people consider it as heat wave. So drinking plenty of water is very important to keep yourself hydrated. Dipping in the water will really help to cool down. 

Hubby got his chance to swim but unfortunately the water was too cold for me. I was a bit chilling near the shore line. That's why I did not attempt to plunge into the sea. But I enjoyed the breeze and sun bathing. Maybe next time I'll swim with hubby. Actually, I'm thinking to go back there tomorrow since it's not so far from where we live. 

Stones and Sand

We also explore the every street near the beach. I told my husband that it's the town I want to live. There are so many interesting spots in the area like buildings, shops and restaurants. I really felt summer in there with the beautiful flowers and with people walking around in their summery outfits. 

The Greedy Goose Restaurant

Manilla not Manila, a local dress shop at Malahide

What's summer without flowers

An intriguing house by one of the busy streets at Malahide.

(By the way, all my photos in this trip were taken using my phone.)

Have a great weekend


  1. Naku sis, if my kids would be in that beach, lagot yung rocks as they love collecting them lol. This is an absolute beauty!

  2. You used your phone? Amazing photos for a phone! We should go to the beach soon before winter is back.


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