31 July 2013

Keep Your Dog Healthy with Vaccinations from a Pet Vet

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If you are considering getting a dog for the first time, you likely have some questions. Something that many future dog owners want to know more about before the arrival of their new pet is vaccinations. You want to do what you can to keep your dog healthy, so they can live a long, happy life. Vaccinations help make this possible. They prevent many of the diseases that could be very detrimental to your dog. When you get your new dog, it’s important to visit a pet vet in Dallas to consult with them and determine which vaccinations are right for your animal. Their purpose is not just to treat your pets when they get sick, but to help you prevent it from happening as much as possible. 

He is the best!

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Over the years, I've come to know the man whose been there for me no matter what. We've been too many places and we've shared many unforgettable moments. I owe him every great cities I've been and all the good times I had. My sweetheart deserves all the best in life. His patience and love for me are incredible that there's no simple ways to reciprocate it. 

27 July 2013

Roscrea Castle and Damer House at County Tipperary, Ireland

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Few weeks ago, my sweetheart and I was at Roscrea Town of County Tipperary. It was one of our awaited trip for the year because we were so interested to see few Irish Heritage Sites in the Mid-West Region of Ireland.

First in our itineraries is the Roscrea Castle and Damer House which is located at the heart of Roscrea Town. 

Square Castle (gate tower)

24 July 2013

Five Cents And A Euro

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When we visit new place, we never forget to ask ourselves, "what souvenir shall I get?" The trip itself is sometimes expensive. Accommodation, food allowance, transportation, entrance tickets and even souvenirs are all contributing to the cost of a certain vacation here and there. The most common souvenir is T-shirt bearing the name of the country or attraction you've been. I don't know if you will agree with me that even T-shirts are often overpriced. You kind of having a second thought especially when you are travelling with the whole family of 4 or more, isn't it? 

Gladly, there are alternatives to choose from. Hubby started collecting keychains since he was a bachelor. Obviously, it will not be scratched from the choices. We also consider buying gold coins like those that we got from Paris and Brighton for only €3 each. 

(Front Coin #1) The Pantheon (Paris, France)

23 July 2013

21 July 2013

Music Everywhere

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When we're having vacation either out of town or out of the country, we see to it that we'll have time to walk around the town. We love to see the city life in each place we visit. 

The interesting part is that there's always someone playing instrument or singing in the streets. One time when we visited a place called Dun Laoghaire, we caught a group of young to middle age men who plays different instruments like violas, drums, trumphet and piano. They are very good especially the one playing the violin.

The presence of these talented performers everywhere strengtens my observation that music plays a big part in our lives.

Let me quote Billy Joel on his statement about music,
I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music.

Horseback Riding Challenge

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I never tried horseback riding in my life. I would like to make this a challenge to myself. I heard that there are plenty of horse riding school here in Ireland. I remember when I visited the Irish National Stud at Wicklow, I've seen many students enrolled in such. 

I just find the horses in this country a bit taller than in other countries. It looks safe even if the horses in this country are totally taller than the usual one that I see in other countries. Just need to wear horseback riding helmets though.

Wish me good luck on this challenge. Hope I'll make it.
View My Visit at Irish National Stud

It's Paris Sweetheart -Day3 Part 1

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Our third day in Paris was a bit overwhelming. Since we bought the Paris Museum Pass, we gained access to 60 museums and monuments. Now, that's too much for one day. Our pass was valid for two days. But still we needed to narrow down what we want to see or else, we won't see the other sites. 

The price of the pass back then was €32 but now I checked it is €39. It is still cheaper than buying tickets at each major museum and monument (even if you choose to visit 10 places only).

First in our list was The Musée du Louvre. As I mentioned in my last post, visiting this museum was a dream come true. Since I moved here in Europe, I became interested on arts and history (with the influence of my better half). 

Best Way To Convey Information

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Visiting different museums is kind of my thing nowadays. I'm so fascinated with the idea of knowing the history of one country to another. Good thing though that museums offer different ways to rely information to the people. 

Inside the Louvre Museum in Paris. This is the actual spot where Monna Lisa is displayed. 
Some uses audio guides, some use brochures and others have a designated audio-visual room to show the history through short film. As I understand the latter style is the most common now. They use projectors and audio interface to do the job. I find this one the most effective one especially if you have kids. I think this will be the most effective one. 

20 July 2013

Photos For Printing

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I was going through my files one weekend and I was surprised by how many photos we've taken for over 4 years now since we moved here in Ireland. I could not believe myself that one of our 1 terabyte external hard drive is nearly full. 

Okay call me old style, but I love to see my photos printed and arranged in an album. I know I can't print all our shots but at least I can choose few hundreds to print. I find printing companies at printingamerica.com that can help me bind some of my collections.

 Here are few of my favorite shots that I would love to print and bind. Please, tell me if these photos are good enough for printing.

19 July 2013

It's Paris Sweetheart -Day2

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Second day at Paris was very relaxing as I recall. We stayed in a hotel located just 2 train stations away from the famous Arch de Triomphe. 

As you have heard, Paris has very good transportation system. Its Metro (Train/Tube) is so reliable. The fare is not so bad especially for tourist because it offers a great travel card. They call it Paris Visite which you can buy depending on how many days you're going to stay in Paris. They have this travel card for 1, 2, 3 or 5 consecutive days. Another good thing about it is that you'll get discounts and benefits over €100 with their 13 partners.

We got the 3-day Paris Visite which covered our day 2, 3 and 4 for €47.25 each. That includes travel by bus, Metro, RER and 
Ile-de-France trains (not TGV)

Arc de Triomphe

It's Paris Sweetheart -Day1

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This was Day 1 of our trip in Paris. I know right, Paris. I could not believe it as well. The first time hubby told me that we're going to such beautiful city, my heart would love to jump out and hug him tight. I am so delighted with the whole trip except from the part that I got sick because of the cold weather. Good thing that was our last day. 

Disneyland Paris

17 July 2013

Exploring Dublin Zoo

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Front Gate of Dublin Zoo
Dublin Zoo was established in May 10, 1830 but was opened to public on September 1, 1831. It was known before as Zoological Gardens Dublin. It is considered as the third oldest zoo in the whole world and the largest one in Ireland. It is located inside Phoenix Park (Dublin 8, Ireland), one of the largest walled city parks in Europe.

12 July 2013

How To Get The Most Of Your Holiday?

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At least once every year, we must spend time to unwind and see the world. We should have some time off from our daily routine and job. We all have different ideas of holiday. Mine is enjoying the beach and anything around it. I can also go for trips in different cities of the world. Having a great and memorable holiday is something we always want. 

Spanish Steps At Italy

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