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A Day Tour to Windsor, Stonehenge and Oxford

During my first trip in United Kingdom, me and my husband avail of a full day tour to Windsor, Stonehenge & Oxford. The tour package includes service of tour guide, deluxe motor coach, introduction of Windsor, stop at Stonehenge and walking tour of Oxford. We grabbed the optional visit inside the beautiful Windsor Castle and the amazing Stonehenge. 

Our first stop was the Windsor Castle, a home of Royal family for over 900 years. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II usually stays here on weekends. The Queen stays there mostly from March to April. If The Royal Standard (The Royal Flag) is flown at the round tower then the Queen is actually there. It seemed that Her Majesty was there when we visited the place. 

The Round Tower was made of wood until Henry II rebuilt it in stone.

 Windsor Castle was built in 1080 by William the Conqueror. It was originally made of wood and remodelled by  George IV in 1823. 

Sometimes Queen Elizabeth II walks here with her dog. 

Windsor Castle Garden

This was the only picture we had inside the premises since photography is not allowed inside. Everything inside the castle is beautiful. It comprises of different rooms with lots of stunning historic furnitures and chinas. Walking inside this huge place, made me wonder and dream that I was there years back. The place is so rich of English culture starting at The Queen's Ballroom to the Waterloo Chamber. 

Second stop was the Stonehenge at Salisbury Plain. Among the prehistoric monuments, this one is the most famous in Europe. It was built by stages by ancient people about 3000 BC onwards.

A344 with view of the jaw dropping Stonehenge.

Walking around the circle made me imagine that I was there with the ancient people as they mapped the course of the sun and moon in order to build this monument. I can imagine how many rituals were made there. It was believed that the circle also gives clue as to what season is coming. 

The smaller stones, also known as Bluestones came from Preseli Mountains in Wales and that is about 385 km away from they current location. The taller stones on the other hand are called Sarsen Stones that came Marlborough Downs.

Mural of what Stonehenge believed to be like when all the stones were standing. The prehistoric monument was said to be constructed in three main stages: 3050 BC (Circular ditch and bank), 2600 BC (Wooden structure at the center) and 2500 - 1500 BC (Stone monument). It was about 5,050 years in the making. That really sounds impressive. 
Final Stop was Oxford. Its name described that it is a pretty convenient point to cross the river (a ford of oxen). In 1167, English students that were expelled in Paris founded Oxford University. This university is made up of 36 colleges which can be found around the city centre. It kind of remind me the one we called University Belt in Manila where we can found different famous universities. But of course the difference is also obvious. Oxford is surrounded with lovely gardens and amazing buildings. Just like the few of those that I captured in my camera. 

Martyr's Memorial was built to commemorates the three Protestants who were burned: Bishop Hugh Latimer, Bishop Nicholas Ridley and Archbishop Thomas Cranmer.

Our time in Oxford was very constrained. We never got the chance to roam around as we wanted. With that I just promise to myself that I'll be back there with more time to explore and appreciate its beauty. 

Christ Church, Oxford University

This is Christ Church, I'm sorry for the photo. I believe it was not so good as it supposed to be because we're a bit on a rush during this time. I think we only had 30 minutes to see the place because our coach needed to leave soon.

Christ Church is the largest of the 36 Oxford colleges. Inside it, you'll see a stunning congregation as shown in this picture. 

I definitely seen this staircase in Harry Potter. It felt so great to be in place that I never thought I'd been. It's really unbelievable. 

This is the huge dining hall that can be found at Christ Church College, Oxford University. Looks familiar?  Yes, it is the same dining hall in Harry Potter. 

In Bodleian Library in Oxford University, a reading room is called Radcliffe Camera. Its location and structure made it very famous to tourists. Unfortunately, it is not open for public.

I was not satisfied in our Oxford tour even if it came with a free walking tour around the city. I will enjoyed it more if I'll do the roaming by myself on my own phase and time. Besides, I don't like our tour guide that time. He was so annoying. My husband already been here before and it's not new to him. But for me, he did it again and will definitely come with me the next time around. 

With this day trip, I recommend that you go there without the tour package. I felt that I don't get the worth of my £44. Just to let you know that the admission fee in each site is not included in the package. We paid, £25 for Windsor Castle and Stonehenge.

Admission fees: 

Windsor Castle (includes audio guide)
Standard RateWhen the State Apartment are closed
Adult    £17.75    £9.70   
Family Ticket (2 adults, 3 children under 17)   £46.50   £26.25   
Under 17 years old

Over 60/Student (with valid ID)
Under 5 years old Free
 January to February
Open daily 09:45-16:15
(last admission 15:00)
March to October
Open daily 09:45-17:15
(last admission 16:00)
November to December
Open daily 09:45-16:15
(last admission 15:00)
A typical visit lasts 2-3 hours.

Stonehenge (includes audio guide)
Standard Rate

Adult    £8.00      
Family Ticket (2 adults, 3 children)   £20.80      
Child (5-15years)
(with Student Card)
Retirement Pensioner 

Open everyday except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christ Church
Standard RateCathedral or Hall ClosedCathedral and Hall Closed
Adult    £8.00    £6.50   £4.50
Family Ticket   £16.00   £13.00   £9.00
Child (5-17years)
(with Student Card)
Retirement Pensioner 
 Children under 5 years old are admitted free of charge.

Admission Charges - 29th March - 30th June


  1. Wow that is really a beautiful place sis, san pic mo?

  2. oh am gee!!! thank you so much for the virtual tour! Was so excited here like a kid looking at those photos where Harry Potter scenes were shot! How I wish I could have been with you on your tour of the place! So love all your photos of the place! They are all worth framing :) have a blessed weekend and wishing you many more happy scoops and snaps! :D

  3. Thanks for the online tour Sis, but it would be great if first hand makita ko ang Stonehenge.

  4. Ahh! Stonehenge!!!! I really wanted to be there. Thanks for the virtual tour, Ate! :)

  5. Lovely photos! I wish we could visit the Stonehenge one day. It's part of my travel wishlist :)

  6. How many hours did it take you to explore the whole view? It's like a site in the movies. :)

  7. Castles,prehistoric churches and heritage sites are the ones that I would like to visit. Beautiful shots and captures :)

  8. Feeling a little envious ;) The UK has such a rich history and because I'm a history buff, this is definitely one place I'd love to visit someday

  9. Hi Rochkirstin. Since it's a day tour we finished the whole trip for less than 8 hours. But I think, it really need more than that to explore these three wonderful places.

  10. I was amazed of the durability of Stonehenge. Imagine these stones were built more than 3000 BC and they're still there passing the test of time, the climate, ad everything. It is indeed amazing!

  11. Windsor castle and stonehedge is really impressive especiialy stone hedge since it requires much planning to come up with a structure that can stand through time.

  12. I am hoping to go to London someday. Even if Stonehenge is the only thing I know in there, places in London are pleasing to senses.

  13. Thank you so much for the online tour. I might not be able to go their personally but through this blog I at least have a glimpse of how beautiful the place is,

  14. wow amazing photos! I agree with you, though tour packages can be really helpful, roaming around by yourself is more exciting!

  15. I can already imagine, the view must've been breathtaking in person


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