13 May 2013

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Portmarnock Beach

Southern Cross Monument

One of my favorite destinations on weekend is beach. It helps me relax and appreciate everything around me. Walking by the seashore makes me unload the stress and troubles of the week. It’s like the cool water that run though my feet took away anything bad.

Man contemplating at the Portmarnock Beach.

Lately, we visited a lovely clean coast called Portmarnock Beach, also known as 'The Velvet Strand' because of the amazingly beautiful smooth sand. It is located in a small suburban village at North-East of Dublin City Centre. 

Martello Tower, Portmarnock
Martello Tower, Portmarnock
You can find a lovely Martello Tower near the coastline. I am amazed to see that the tower is very well maintained and there are people actually living there. It would be a lot more fun if we tour inside the tower but I'm afraid that's not possible. 

Adventurous Kids By The Bay
While we are enjoying the cool breeze at the beach we spotted these kids. They certainly had ideas to make things interesting rather than using the stairs. They even made it more challenging by doing it as a race. Obviously, the boy wearing a checkered blue shirt got on the top first.

Great view of Ireland's Eye
The place is also popular during summer where people fly kites and make sand castles. Early this year, this beach is classified as ‘Blue Beach’. Meaning to say, people can now swim and play in the water because of its excellent quality. Starting April until October, lifeguards are present in the area. So parents will have extra pair of eyes to look after their kids. 

Sheds at the seaside.
We’ve seen so many things in the area that added character to the beach. For example, these sheds that create excellent contrast to the bright surrounding. It is such a good space to stay especially when you don’t want too much sun.

Modern Faucet
There is also a modern faucet that was installed in an old looking column. It may look ordinary but being secluded made it more fascinating. Well, it is very useful too especially when you just got off the sand. 

Amazing View of the Ireland's Eye
This place will positively be a popular destination this summer not just for all water activities but most especially for its real beauty and cleanliness. The committee really did a great job in maintaining the natural charm of the beach. By the way, you don’t need to worry about food because there are plenty of decent restaurants in the area. 

I'll be back in Portmarnock Beach for more fun and more pictures this summer. Besides, it's just near the city.  We don't need to drive a long way just to enjoy the sea. Pretty convenient, isn't it?


  1. I love the beach! Indeed, there's that certain calm and peaceful-ness you can feel whenever you are at the beach. It can really help to relieve stress.

  2. Oh those kids reminds me of my kids who love to climb hills like that. Beautiful photos sis.

  3. ..enjoyed the virtual tour of this beach, thank you so much...I could feel the excitement of those kids climbing! I think had I been there I would have joined them :) the faucet looks very interesting indeed...love your shots! the well maintained tower really looks lovely, looking forward to seeing more of your shots there :) have a lovely week :)

  4. Nice place indeed. I will content myself sitting at the shore watching those waves ram those rock formations.

  5. I love going to the beach too :-) I love to look at the waves and enjoy the people having fun swimming :-) We only have lake here and not as the same as our beach in the Philippines where we can taste salty water which I love :-)

  6. Lovely! It's wonderful to see a glimpse of Ireland.Thanks Ate for sharing this lovely beach.

  7. Lovely place indeed, I will be happy to have a stroll here and just relax. :) Thanks for sharing a part of your world to us, always interesting to know! :)

  8. Wonderful shots from the beach. Beach is favorite of my kids.

  9. I'm scared of big and open bodied water but your picture with the light house is so beautiful. I am so fascinated with light houses. I can't explain why but I do.

    Lovely pics you have here and I wish to visit Ireland someday with my family.


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