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St. Fiachra's Garden

St Fiachra's Garden is found at the center of Irish National Stud. It was named after the patron saint of gardeners, St. Fiachra (St. Fiacre).

Waterfall at St. Fiachra's Garden, In Front of the Monastic Cells
This garden is about 4 acres of lakes, woodland, wetlands and islands and was designed in 1999. As you reach the heart of Irish National Stud, a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the rocks will welcome you. The sound of the running water is very soothing. I even paused there for few minutes to enjoy the cool breeze while contemplating.

Water, trees and shrub surround it.
In front of the waterfall is the Monastic Cells made of limestone. 

The dome-shaped chamber is also the home of crystal sculpture, which originated in Waterford. (Waterford is the famous place where high caliber crystals are made. I also been there and will tell you about it in my future blog post.)

Waterford Crystal Sculpture

St. Fiachra was born in Ireland on 6th century. He had an intense knowledge of medicinal plants that lead him to cure illness like hemorrhoids and venereal diseases. That’s why he also became the patron of venereal disease sufferers and patron of medicine.

St. Fiacra Meditating 

Irish National Stud, Japanese Gardens and St. Fiachra's Garden

Address: Tully Kildare

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Opening Times: Monday to Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM. The last admission is 5 PM.

Admission Charges 2013Adults €12.50Children (Aged 5-15) €7.00Students €9.50Seniors €9.50Family Ticket [2 adults + up to 4 children under 16 years of age] €29.50Group Rates [ICA, Mothers Groups, Flower Clubs etc.] €9.00School Tours (under 16 yrs) - Paddy Madden Interactive SESE Discovery Trail €10.50 per child (Minimum 30 students, Wednesdays)    School Tours (under 16 yrs) - Discover Primary Science & Maths €7.00School Tours (under 16 yrs) - Regular €6.00 
Concessions available for Groups & Coach tours over 20 personsTour operators rates available on request from either: or Special rates may apply for other groups and tour operators – for further details please contact the office on +353 45 522963 or email reservations@instourism.ieCar and coach parking (CCTV) is free and directly on site.
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  1. The garden is so beautiful especially the 2nd picture. It's like a dream land that you never want to leave and just stay in the place, having a good time. If I just have plenty of money, I would book a ticket and fly to Ireland with no regrets. :D

  2. The mother of all art: Nature! The simple yet nice landscaping gives a beautiful scenery.

  3. What a beautiful garden, I love the Japanese maple tree, the leaves are so vibrant.

  4. I would love to have that garden in my backyard.The landscaping is beautiful.

  5. Similar with great Japanese gardens. A good place to unwind.

  6. Looks like a peaceful place. Should be great to be there for personal retreat/recollection.

  7. the garden is sooo beautiful, and so peaceful, inviting really for a good time of meditation.

  8. Wow, the best spot to relax and feel the beauty of nature!
    So wonderfully preserved for tourist attractions. Thank you and learned a lot about St. Fiachras.

  9. Gusto ko talaga magvisit ng mga garden, especially those that are intended for the tours. The last na napuntahan ko is the Malagos Garden :)


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