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Japanese Gardens

Inside the huge Irish National Stud, you'll find the lovely Japanese Gardens. In 1906, Tassa Eida, a Japanese gardener, arranged the gardens based on symbolic journey through life. It begins with the Gate of Oblivion and ends to the Gateway of Eternity. 

Japanese Gardens show the perfect mixture of Eastern and Western cultures that's why for over 100 years, this place never failed to amuse the visitors. In fact, many visitors have seen the gardens more than once and still please them. 
Path of Life

Bridge of Life and Tea House

Lantern and Tea House

As you walk around the gardens, you will feel that you are being transported in every stage of life such as birth, childhood, marriage, parenthood, old age, death and the afterlife.

Watercourse behind the Tea House

The reflection of the sky in all bodies of water in the gardens made the place more heavenly and inviting.

Bridge of Life

Tassa positioned every trees and shrubs with the help of his son, Minoru and 40 more persons. When Tassa left Tully in 1912, Patrick Doyle became in-charge of the gardens until 1972. Currently, it is supervised by Irene McMahon.

Path Behind the Tea House 

The most beautiful and oldest Bonsai in the gardens. 

Pathway to Grotto
Tranquil Watercourse
Gateway to Eternity/Tree of Eternity
The admission fee to the gardens is included in the admission fee of the whole Irish National Stud Tour. You may need to have to whole day to do the tour because it is really a big place to explore. 

Irish National Stud, Japanese Gardens and St. Fiachra's Garden
Address: Tully Kildare

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Opening Times: Monday to Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM. The last admission is 5 PM.

Admission Charges 2013 Adults €12.50 Children (Aged 5-15) €7.00 Students €9.50 Seniors €9.50 Family Ticket [2 adults + up to 4 children under 16 years of age] €29.50Group Rates [ICA, Mothers Groups, Flower Clubs etc.] €9.00School Tours (under 16 yrs) - Paddy Madden Interactive SESE Discovery Trail €10.50 per child (Minimum 30 students, Wednesdays)    School Tours (under 16 yrs) - Discover Primary Science & Maths €7.00 School Tours (under 16 yrs) - Regular €6.00 
Concessions available for Groups & Coach tours over 20 persons Tour operators rates available on request from either: or Special rates may apply for other groups and tour operators – for further details please contact the office on +353 45 522963 or email reservations@instourism.ieCar and coach parking (CCTV) is free and directly on site.

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  1. Wow! The garden is gorgeous!!!

  2. This place is simply beautiful. It looks very comforting, peaceful, and very close to nature.

  3. Japanese gardens are really ornate and quaint isn't it sis?

  4. i love Japanese and Chinese gardens. thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  5. i love Japanese gardens, they always invite serenity, peacefulness and meditation, your pictures describe peacefulness and serenity so very well.

  6. Thank you guys for visiting. I've been here for three times and this summer I am planning to go back. @ Destination Davao, there is a stone garden but currently renovating.

  7. thank you for the awesome virtual tour! gardens always renews the spirit....this particular garden that you shared stirs the spirit in so many ways...the bonsai are simply perfect to quench one's thirst for deep thoughts at the beauty of captured every detail of the garden beautifully making me wish I could be there too, one day :)

  8. I love Japanese Garden, very refreshing ang scenery, perfect to unwind and letting go of stress.

  9. It's amazing this garden last that long. It looks very serene and close to nature aside from it represents important phases in every person's life.

  10. Oh my, such a lovely and beautiful garden. I bet it's very relaxing to be there and just soak in all the glorious creations around you. I hope to be able to see some gardens in Japan this December.

  11. Those are some relaxing places to walk around.

  12. Japanese gardens are so beautiful, so ornate and one of a kind.


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