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Irish National Stud

If you are looking for a place for your mares to meet winner stallions, Irish National Stud is definitely the place to be.

During my first visit to the stud, the beauty of every horse on the ground overwhelmed me. Upon exit from the Japanese Gardens, huge pathway surrounded tall trees and lovely cherry blossoms will welcome you to the 1000-acre bloodstock farm. Hubby, our friends and me enjoyed watching all the horses around. We can freely pet them as if they are ours. 

After seeing the stud fees of the stallions, I choose to believe that horses are for rich people. The most expensive breeding stallion is Invincible Spirit for the price of 65, 000.00. According to the tourist guide, the mare bred by Invincible Spirit has a big chance of conceiving a foal with a bright future in racecourse.  

Honestly, I don’t understand anything about horse racing. But after getting a glimpse of how much money it can bring to the table, I realized why there many influential people are investing on horses. 

Irish National Stud has boarding and foaling facilities. During the foaling season, their foaling unit operates 24-a day. They have fully experienced staff that will take care of the foal from birth. The stud farm also accepts mares as boarders. They are kept in a separate paddock from the stallions. 


Irish National Stud, Japanese Gardens and St. Fiachra's Garden
Address: Tully Kildare

View Irish National Stud & Japanese Gardens in a larger map

Opening Times: Monday to Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM. The last admission is 5 PM.

Admission Charges 2013Adults €12.50Children (Aged 5-15) €7.00Students €9.50Seniors €9.50Family Ticket [2 adults + up to 4 children under 16 years of age] €29.50Group Rates [ICA, Mothers Groups, Flower Clubs etc.] €9.00School Tours (under 16 yrs) - Paddy Madden Interactive SESE Discovery Trail €10.50 per child (Minimum 30 students, Wednesdays)    School Tours (under 16 yrs) - Discover Primary Science & Maths €7.00School Tours (under 16 yrs) - Regular €6.00 
Concessions available for Groups & Coach tours over 20 personsTour operators rates available on request from either: or Special rates may apply for other groups and tour operators – for further details please contact the office on +353 45 522963 or email reservations@instourism.ieCar and coach parking (CCTV) is free and directly on site.


  1. Ah! Those are great shots of horses. Ang nasakyan ko lang yung mga pony sa Tagaytay.. LOL

  2. wow, my kind of place....what a great ambiance to unwind!

  3. Love those blooms! Wish I know how to ride a horse. Beautiful photos sis.

  4. My father owned five race horses in his lifetime and two were champion racers. I remember though his great responsibility in ensuring that they are well taken cared of.

  5. oh gee, you hooked me with that first picture, so loved it, but then, am not saying I don't the others, i actually love the place, the flowers, the trees, and those horses are simply so heartwarming beautiful.

  6. Oh, too expensive type of breed. Expensive for me because I can't afford. :-0

  7. This place is quite interesting to visit though I am not a fan of horses but it's worth a try someday, maybe one of those studs located here in the Philippines.

  8. ah that is such a price! No wonder horse racing is really for the rich. :)

  9. The horses look well and they are robust and ready for the race. Their place is really and very ideal for such care the horse should have. By they way, where is this place? I am not very familiar with Tully Kildare. Is this somewhere in Japan since you mention Japanese?

  10. This is the first time I have read about Irish National Stud. The environment looks all green. Is it cold there? What are the main means of livelihood?

  11. I think your pet horse would be pampered here and also trained well.

  12. This is definitely a great place to have a vacation with the family! Awesome pics! :)

  13. For me, one of the most beautiful creatures in the world are horses and your photos would support that belief.

  14. the Cherry Blossoms caught my eye.. very beautiful!

    I know a few about race horsing.. aside from the breed, horse owners also invest on food, medicines and caretaker.. but judging from their winnings, it must be worth all the money haha

  15. So lovely Cherry blossom. The place is relaxing and worth a visit.

  16. Those are fine looking horses and that place looks like the best place for them

  17. it is my first time to hear the place.. and your images made me to have a tour in an instant. :)

  18. this sure looks like a very beautiful place to visit. i love horses + i would really like to own one, if only i can afford it + i have a place to keep it safe + sound :)

  19. My kind of place, one to visit with the kids! So summer-y!


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