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Festival of World Cultures

Dún Laoghaire Festival of World Cultureswas one of the big events in Ireland. It showcases talents of different artists aroundthe world.

Belly Dancer

Due to over budget in year 2010, it was scrapped and replacedwith series of smaller public events. I heard that the budget is about 400,000,which is smaller than the previous years’ budgets for the cultural festival.

I can still recall the first time I wentin such gathering. It was year 2009, our first year here. The festival was heldat Dún Laoghaire, South Dublin attended by more than200,000 people from different counties of Ireland as well as from othercountries. 

There were plenty of music events, exhibitions, street performances and special events in various hotels, theatres, parks and plaza. Some performances required tickets but most of them were free.

Funny Acrobats

One of the acrobats on one of her stunts.

Another acrobat while rolling down the pole with the use of a fabric.

Singing while swinging upside down.

Asian people while doing meditation to attract positive energy.

Traditional Irish Band
In Ireland, fiddle is the commonly use name for violin.

Irish people dancing and enjoying the traditional Irish music.

One of the street performers.
Good thing he can carry all that.

This band was playing Brazilian music. The rhythm coming from those drums got the people dancing. 

One of the buskers doing limbo. He certainly knew how to make your jaw dropped. Yes, the horizontal bar was on fire.

One of the special events during the festival. It is called MELA.
It is a Sanskrit word which means 'gathering'. It was brought by Indians in different part of the world to make other nationalities aware of their culture.

Festivals are more fun and memorable if there's one charity that you can help. Just like this one, 'High Five for UNICEF'. 
I wish that the festival was not abolished but there’s nothing I can do. I’m still glad though that there are other public events that I can see around Ireland all year through. I hope I can attend all that and share my experiences with you.

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  1. Wow, it's nice that this was held in an open field. Ours was very crammed up coz it's inside the building. It's fun to watch this event.

  2. Do we have a delegation here? Seems a fun event to see.

  3. wow, it looks like a huge event! I like going to events like this...very entertaining! love all the photos...:)

  4. amazing display of talent and creativity. what a nice way to relax and just enjoy the show out in the field.

  5. Papaleng, sad to say there's no one representing us.

  6. Wonderful photos multicultural party, color and joy, I like!

  7. I love this type of outdoor events!
    How positive people enjoy expressing their talent!

  8. What a fun day! Love the photos. That's one huge instrument on the back of the street performer. I like the acrobat in blue.


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