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Festival of World Cultures

DĂșn Laoghaire Festival of World Cultureswas one of the big events in Ireland. It showcases talents of different artists aroundthe world. Belly Dancer

Irish National Stud

If you are looking for a place for your mares to meet winner stallions, Irish National Stud is definitely the place to be.

St. Fiachra's Garden

St Fiachra's Garden is found at the center of Irish National Stud. It was named after the patron saint of gardeners, St. Fiachra (St. Fiacre). Waterfall at St. Fiachra's Garden, In Front of the Monastic Cells

Japanese Gardens

Inside the huge Irish National Stud, you'll find the lovely Japanese Gardens. In 1906, Tassa Eida, a Japanese gardener, arranged the gardens based on symbolic journey through life. It begins with the Gate of Oblivion and ends to the Gateway of Eternity.