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Safety and Danger in White Water Rafting Adventures

If you have never been rafting, you have missed out on one of the great joys of life. There is nothing like meeting the white water of a flowing river with just a piece of rubber between you and a fast paced float through rocks. Rapids are nature’s roller coasters, and every adrenaline junkie should try them out. You could do worse than rafting in Colorado for your first experience. Image by Imma via morgueFile free photo

Kilkenny Castle

Kilkenny Castle is one of the finest castles I have been. The Irish name of this castle is Caisleán Chill Chainnigh. It was built in 1195 by William Marshall, the 1st Earl of Pembroke. It was also believed that the first castle was made of woods. You can actually see in some parts of the castle the wooden beams embedded on the thick walls of the castle now.  Kilkenny Castle Image taken by lencilicious / Scoop and Snap

A Guide to Madrid

The city of Madrid, in central Spain, is known for its many attractions. There are art and science museums, parks with ponds and restaurants that offer authentic local food. Monument to Miguel de Cervantes and España Building, Madrid  image by Carlos Delgado  licensed under Creative Commons via Wikipedia Commons

Winter Hiking at Wicklow Mountains National Park

Last weekend, me, hubby and couple of our friends went back to the lovely Wicklow Mountains National Park. If you remember, hubby and I hiked here before but we did not went up the hill because we're not wearing proper gears. We made a promise to go back and so we did. This time we finished the Spinc and Glenealo Valley or the White Route . Look at the end of the mountain on the right, that's where we came from. The word Spinc came from the Irish word 'An Spinc' that means 'Pointed Hill" . The trail was indeed pointed.  

Reminiscing the Beauty of Bohol (Part 2)

When we went to Bohol, we booked our accommodation in one of Bohol's great hotels which includes the a day tour. The first part of our tour was Baclayon Church and Museum  followed by Chocolate Hills Tour and everything on it's way. Now, let me share with you the our  Loboc River Cruise.  Loboc River Cruise

Family Day at Dún Laoghaire Beach

This photo was taken in a family fair near the  Dún Laoghaire  Beach , south of Dublin City Centre. It was a busy day but it was fun-filled day with loads of unfamiliar foods and unfamiliar faces.  Dún Laoghaire  Beach “Go forth into the busy world and love it. Interest yourself in its life,  mingle kindly with its joys and sorrows.”  -   Ralph Waldo Emerson

Christmas is Here

My last visit at the mall validates the spirit of Christmas is really here. Decorations are all up. At both ends of the shopping centre, choral groups were singing carols in aid of their chosen charities. Such lovely hymns.  At the center of the mall, the old polar bear band were replaced by penguin band. I don't know what to call them so excuse me for my description. Anyhow, these decorative  musical penguins absolutely add up on the festive aura inside the mall. Kids and adults are so delighted with it. Some are dancing along with the music too.  Christmas is really around the corner. May we all enjoy the true meaning this holiday. May we all celebrate Jesus Christ, not only this season, but all days of our lives. 

Training a Dog

As we always hear, dogs are man's best friends. They keep us safe and happy. But it always boils down on how they were trained. Trained Dogs

Reminiscing the Beauty of Bohol Philippines (Part 1)

This post is long overdue. I visited Bohol with my husband before the earthquake of October 15, 2013. My heart was torn apart after seeing the ruins. But it felt great after hearing few days ago that Philippine government is allocating Php 5 billion for rehabilitation of Bohol province. I hope that it won't be long before we see the beauty of the island again. Looking back to our trip, here are the places and spots we've been. Sandugo Sandugo is a Visayan word that means one blood. It was a blood compact symbolizing the peace and friendship treaty between the Spanish  Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and local man of Bohol Datu Sikatuna.  Man-made Mahogany Forest Man-made Mahogany Forest A two-kilometer stretched of Man-made Mahogany Forest can be seen along the main road of Bilar. It's the town on your way to Chocolate Hills. This forest is part of the 1960 reforestation program of President Diosdado Macapagal.  Bohol  The picture above shows how

Exercise and Play Your Way to Better Health

Unfinished projects, unpaid bills, and being generally unsure about the security of your future may seem like completely mental stressors that should not affect your body. In reality, all stress causes a physical reaction. These reactions vary depending on the person. Stress is a major epidemic in the world today. Many people suffer from a stress-related illness. Thankfully there are many solutions to help you deal with stress. Exercise may be the simplest and most effective stress treatment available. Even prescription medication cannot compete with a bit of fresh air and exercise when it comes to stress relief. Even better stress relief can come from playing a game outside with friends. Playing isn’t just for children. Playing a game and having fun outdoors is great for any person’s emotional and physical health. You can gather up some friends and play at any time of the day or night with a light up football from Teal Co. Runner at Flora Marathon Dublin

Pumpkin Carving 2013

Last Halloween, hubby requested me to carve a pumpkin for the competition in their office. I am not really artistic but I can work things out after seriously studying stuffs. With the inspiration I got somewhere, I gathered my kitchen knife, my set of art knives, pencil, teaspoon, old newspapers and of course a good size pumpkin.  Pumpkin Carving The design we decided to join in this year's competition was the famous cartoon character, Spongebob. I was not sure that I'll be able to finish it since my tools were not enough. It was hard to make various size of circles around the pumpkin but I can't skip them because those are essential in channelling out the light. With the encouragement coming from my better half, I finally finished the task around 1 am. By the way, I started at 9 pm.  Jack-O'-Lantern: Spongebob  According to my husband, it was so popular. His co-workers and competitors took picture of it. They intend to show it to their kids. I was so delighted to hear

Postcards: How old is it really?

Do you remember the first time I blog about an old postcard of Native Banca in the Philippines ? Well, what made it more interesting is the one written at the back. Same thing goes to this old Buckingham Palace postcard. Buckingham Palace London

Five Tips for Buying a Triumph

When looking for a Triumph in Charlottesville, most individuals wonder which one to buy and how to finance the bike. Following are five tips that can help you obtain the right bike for you with the best financing possible: ·        Carefully select your bike. ·        Plan your budget. ·        Include insurance in your calculations. ·        Shop ahead of time for the best interest rates. ·        Compare fees and extra costs.

Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon Here's a teaser of my trip last weekend. I've seen plenty of this kind and I'm going to share it with you in a short while. For now, I present to you a very handsome looking Bearded Dragon. 

Zoo to You

If you can't go to the zoo, the zoo will come to you. Python

Communication Systems for Outdoor Sports

At a website like , you will find everything you need to install a communication system in the helmets you use for outdoor sports like snowmobiling, motorcycling, biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, snow skiing, and extremes of all these sports. When you are able to communicate with someone who is watching you, they will be able to warn you of what is up ahead and of what is behind as well. When accidents happen, being able to communicate with rescue personnel will help them find you much sooner if you are in a remote location. Some of these systems are made to communicate with others connected to the system in a local area. Other systems have Bluetooth capabilities and can connect to a much larger system and will cover much more territory.  Snow snow snow

Falling Leaves Can't Mess Up Your Life

Walls with climbing plants always fascinate me just like this building just before Dawson Street at Dublin City Centre. This is a big sign that new season is here. It's time to take the coats, gloves and scarves out of the closet.  Climbing Plants

Hobby for Hubby

Our friend making a post for us in one of our photo shoots. My husband is having a hard time deciding what musical instrument should he pursue practicing. Just to let you know, he came from a family that's really into music whether playing instrument or singing. The only reason I see why he's a bit late to chase the music world is his work.

Bride Wars

When there's nothing much to do at home, we often go to the city centre just to stroll and keep ourselves busy. There, we see different people from different walks of life. Every one is occupied with their own things. Buskers are in every corner of the high street, showing their talents and hoping for few bucks from people passing by. Vendors are concentrated in selling their goods. Travellers are making most of their time by taking pictures of every spot. These are the usual scenarios in town. But you know what, unusual things happen there too. How about witnessing two weddings on the same day? Wedding At Trinity College

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Acquiring a Pet

Acquiring a pet is not easy as 1 2 3. Many things should be considered before finally settling your mind to get a dog, a snake or any other pet for that matter.  How about a snake for a pet?

Malahide Castle: The Ghostly Gathering

I think I mentioned in my previous post that Malahide is my favorite town in Dublin. Why? First it is located near the beach. Second, you can see plenty of beautiful spots around the area. And third, it's so peaceful there. Malahide Castle

Travel Tips

Tourism is around and popular for a very long time. Before, only wealthy people can afford to travel and visit other places. Others may have enough money to support their daily living but won't have extra bucks for trips here and there. Traveling to California

Seeing the Other Side of the World

I've been living here in Ireland for nearly five years now. I never thought I will be given a chance to the other side of the world. When I decided to come with my husband here, I carried a special joy in my heart because I know my life will change according to God's will. 

Postcard: Native Banca in Philippines

I started collecting postcards three years ago. The idea is to keep something as memento from places I've been. Sometimes, there are scenes or views that can't be captured with my camera like some aerial shots. So it's better to grab a beautiful postcard sold in a souvenir shop.  Early this year, I attended a money exhibition. To my surprise, there's a table selling old postcards. Look what I got.  Native Banca There were three big boxes of postcards on that table and I feel ecstatic to see one piece of card that has great connection to our history. Look how simple life before. I can say that the water was pretty clean back then.  During our last visit in the Philippines, I noticed that there are still native bancas in provinces and other rural areas. Local people still use it for fishing or for transporting goods and people from one place to another. Some boats are installed with motor for faster means of transportation. That could be good but I still

How to be a successful Travel Blogger

One day I was tidying up my computer files when I came across with our photos here and there. They are tons. I told my husband that it would be fantastic if I can share them through blogging. And from there gives rise to my travel blog. My husband and I have been to different places in Ireland, Europe and Asia. Our common interest in photography also keeps us on capturing the extraordinary beauty of different places. Our eagerness to see and know about the new places will never stop. We are seriously hoping that we can plan more trips in the future. Stay tune because there's a lot more travel stories to come. Source:

Many Benefits of Riding a Triumph Motorcycle

Nobody has to ride a motorcycle. Yet it is a choice that many make based on a wide range of reasons. Some people are very passionate about riding. They love the way that riding a motorcycle makes them feel. Others just do it for the practicality. Motorcycles are much less expensive to fuel and maintain than regular four-wheeled vehicles. When someone drives a car they can easily get lost in the act of driving. The world outside passes by their windows and before they know it, they have arrived at their destination. For many, there is no joy in driving a four-wheeled vehicle. It just gets them from one point to the next. Motorcycle enthusiasts feel differently when they ride. A heightened sense of awareness is known to come over many experienced riders as they zoom through twisty turns and steep mountain roads. Test ride a Triumph in Charlottesville and you too could have a Zen experience. 

William Smith O'Brien

Whenever we visit the city centre, we always pass the O'Connell Street. There you'll see several statues and none of them is wearing a scarf except for one. This statue of William Smith O'Brien is found at the middle island of the busy street. I am not sure if this is part of a ceremony to honor him in his contribution to the country. I think it is.  William Smith O'Brien

Nail Art

I clean and design my own nails here at home. I am not very artistic that's why I'm practicing. Meanwhile , I use stickers to design my nails. That works well for me too. Besides I don't need it so beautiful as it will worn out easily because of my house chores.  Stickers to design my nails If you wonder when does nail art started, it was 3000 years BC. Chinese people back then use different materials mixed together to produce a solution. It was then applied to their nails and allowed to settle there for hours until their finger nails turned pink.  The Indians also have their own way of decorating their nails. They use extracts of Henna plant to dye their nails. It is the same material they use in henna tattoo. Henna substance change colors as the stain matures. Even Ancient Egyptians had their own story to tell. The color of the nails was used to identify the society in which a lady belongs.  As time goes by, different pigments, dyes and materials were used by different na

Baclayon Church and Museum

Bohol has plenty of old churches and one of them is the famous Baclayon Church. It is also known as the Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. It is not a catholic church until 1717. It was first used by Spanish Jesuit Missionaries.  Bacalayon Church

My Dog Tiny

Meet my dog Tiny. He's a Chihuahua. I think he's already a cross-breed. To be honest I am not a big fan of dogs. But given the advantage of having one at home, I agree to keep him.

Review: Amorita Resort in Panglao Island

Bohol is a lovely island in the Philippines. So many interesting sites to visit and explore. The beach alone is a great spot to unwind. Where to stay is not really a problem because there are numerous hotels and lodge around the area. But of course it all depends to your budget and preferences.  Amorita Resort

What to Know before Getting a Tattoo

Body modifications are incredibly popular—so popular, in fact, that there have been reality shows devoted to tattooing. If you are thinking about getting inked, you are not alone. Before you go to a Murrieta tattoo shop, though, there are a few things you should consider. You need to make several decisions, do some research, and allow it to heal.

Pleasure At Home

When not traveling somewhere, hubby and I enjoy the pleasure  of staying at home. We play games together. I cook dinner for the two of us. We watch movies in the comfort of our own sofa set. This leads me to thinking that we need tv brackets for our television. I am not so happy with our tv rack at the moment. It's too low especially when we're playing PS3 Move. The camera sensor cannot pick up our movement. The problem is we don't know for sure if our landlord will allow mounting our television on the wall.  

Last Bits of Summer

On weekends, if my husband and I don't have anything to do, we just go to the nearby garden. We enjoy looking on lovely flowers. It's really relaxing. But not for long. Autumn is here and leaves are starting to change their colors. Some flowers are no longer blooming. It's getting cold in most part of the country. I will then left to do indoor activities again. Here's to close the summer in Ireland.

It's All About Christ

Christmas is fast approaching. People are starting to look for places to celebrate this very special day. Whether we choose to celebrate at home or else where, we are not excuse from pulling out few bucks from our pockets to buy gifts for our loved ones. If we choose to stay at home and enjoy the festive season there, we also need to grab few bits and pieces to decorate our house for a more Christmassy atmosphere. 

Different Kinds of Roses at National Botanic Gardens

One of my favorite places here in Ireland is the National Botanic Gardens especially on summer. It has this Rose Garden that have great blooms. By visiting there I got familiar with different kinds of roses. Before, I only identify roses by colors. but now I can better than that. (Sorry for boasting. I'm just excited with what I learned.) So the next time I'll ask my husband to buy roses I'm not going to tell him "Please buy some white roses." Instead I'm going to tell him, "Please buy Rosa Margaret Merrill or 'harkuly." Oh gosh hope he understands. :)  These roses really made my day. Hope they will brighten your day too.  Rosa Golden Memories 'korholsea'

First Bicycle Ever!

The advantage of living near the park is that I can walk or run around there anytime I want to. Lately, the cold weather is restricting me to do so. But I need to exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy. So hubby gave me a bike so we can still go to the park in minutes even on autumn and winter (granted there's no snow). I never thought I could have this type of bicycle. To be honest, this is my first bike ever (Yippee!). Wait, did I sound like a child for a moment there?  My bike in the middle of the road. It is called  The Duchess Leaf Orange . It has the modern and classic look that stands out with it's vibrant orange color. This bike have all the essentials of a bike such the saddle, rattan effect basket, mudguard, chain guard, 7 speed Shimano gears and bell.  The features of this bike made it even more beautiful. The 7 speed gears allow me to pedal with no difficulty. The grips and saddle are also matching and gives me total comfort when using it.  I was pleased with th

Seeking the Best Dental Care

Nothing hurts worse than a massive toothache. Okay, that may not be entirely true, but everyone knows how much a toothache hurts. It is no fun to endure a sleepless night with a large toothache. It is a good idea to seek for the best Pembroke Pines dental care long before any toothache comes on. It is much easier to make a call to a dentist for emergency dental care, if needed, in the middle of the night when you already have a dentist you have seen and trust. Seeking The Best Dental Care

Malahide has it!

Last July 27- 28, 2013 was the Malahide Festival entitled , "Malahide Has It". It was a fun-filled day with lots of activities for everyone. My worry that day was the weather. I don't know if you heard but it always rain in Ireland. But that day the sun was smiling directly on us which made the event even better.  Kiddies Play Area: Adventure Bounce