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04 December 2012

Extraordinary View at Armada Hotel

This is the line that separates North Atlantic Sea and West side of Ireland. The view there is captivating and breath-taking. On the right side of this line is the beautiful Armada Hotel. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights with my in-laws during their vacation here. We got a pretty good offer through DealRush for €119 for 1 Ocean View Suites (max two persons), 2 nights including breakfast, dinner (3-course meal) for one night and tickets to Cliffs of Moher. The original price is €70 per person sharing with breakfast for 1 night only while a 3-course meal per person will cost about €40- €50. If you'll do the math you will agree with me that we got a great deal. 

Right side of Armada Hotel with the direct view of  North Atlantic Sea

The Ocean View Suite was so lovely and spacious. A wide double-glazed window will direct you to the awesome view outside where you can see the wild splashing of water of Atlantic Sea. 

Our view from our room
Although it's chilling outside, me and my hubby decided to walk for few minutes. The ocean was roaring loud.  We were stunned by the layers of rock at the seaside. 

Rock formation at the sea side
In Ireland, the seas are labelled blue flag beach if it's clean and fit for human activities like swimming and surfing. This one is a blue flag beach. Even so, I wouldn't dare dipping my feet in the water. Why? It's freezing cold out there even on summer days.

Houses along the coastline
I was looking for the story of this cove but I found nothing. Safe to say that during the Spanish era, it was used as shelter by native people. Otherwise, I stand corrected.

Armada Hotel is located at Spanish Point Rd, Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare. It is near the most visited sites in Ireland namely  the Cliffs of Moher, the Burren and the Ailwee Caves. 


  1. Extraordinary view indeed! Beautiful photos of the place...I could almost hear the water roaring...the rock formation by the sea is awesome indeed....have a lovely day on your side of the world :)

  2. What a delightful scenery! It must be so relaxing to stay there!

  3. What a place!? I could live in a beautiful place like this.. Ito yung parang dream retirement place namin ng asawa ko - a house overlooking the ocean.. Such picturesque!

  4. Breath-taking! I want to visit Ireland someday. That place near sea with the cliff is so beautiful. It's so picturesque.

  5. Wow.. Ireland's view is magnificent! Nice place for a honeymoon. So picture perfect.

  6. captivating view! i wish to go to Ireland that is one of my dream place :)

  7. These are the kind of places I wish to visit someday, European countries! *wishful thinking*

  8. wow that is really a nice place to have a vacation with the family. you are so lucky to spend time in a beautiful place like that :)

  9. breathtaking sceneries! hubby once applied for a post in Ireland and I got super excited. in the end, he decided to stay in Sg. would love to visit the place one day though.

  10. It's breathtaking, Len! Thanks for sharing the lovely captures on your side of the world. Would love to know more what it's like to live in Ireland :-)

  11. I love all the views, and the beach is so stunning but as you said it so cold out there, so I will not dare myself as well to have a plunge. I don't like cold.

  12. Captivating photos, sis.I simply loves those Nature sceneries.

  13. awesome view, thanks for sharing about the place. must be really lovely to be there! i bet you had a fabulous time.

  14. A good place to visit, especially those honeymooners.. the nice play to stay

  15. Such a beautiful view! Ahhh I wonder when will I ever visit a place like this?

  16. What a beautiful place! Indeed, a perfect one to spend great time with loved ones.

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos sis.

  17. Superb! Love all the picturesque and perfect with honeymooners.


  19. I also had a stay in this hotel when I went to Ireland for a business trip. It is the most beautiful and unique hotel of County Clare according to me because it had provided me some really rare sites of the whole county.


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