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28 November 2012

The Famous Stephen's Green Shopping Centre

Stephen's Green Shopping Centre

Last weekend, hubby and I decided to go to City Centre to check on new camera lenses. Unfortunately, the lenses are not compatible to our cameras. We don't want to waste our time there, so we head over to the Stephen's Green Shopping Centre. Besides, the rain is pouring so hard outside. 

This shopping centre is popular because of its location. It is situated at the heart of Dublin City surrounded by streets where famous shops and restaurants dwell.

As to my opinion, the mall itself doesn't have much to offer. There are few shops that you’ll be interested.  At the top floor are the lovely expensive paintings which I never got the chance to take pictures because it is not allowed. 

What I like most in this centre is the dining area. It is overlooking the busy road of St. Stephen's Green and the beautiful, St. Stephen's Green Park. It is the right spot to enjoy a very good cup of coffee after an exhausting day of shopping outside.

Oh by the way, if you happen to be around there and the nature is calling you, make sure you have 0.20c. :)

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  1. This is such a great shot sis! Do you shop there often?

  2. Hi sis. We have a so-called boxing day here which happens every St. Stephen's Day or day after that. That's the time I shop there. Though it's our favorite venue for our coffee break. The cafe is so peaceful and relaxing.

  3. It looks like a great place to visit. Siguro I can spend hours there drinking coffee and watching people. :)

  4. Kabayan, very imposing naman ang architecture design ng Shopping Center na yan. But based on your photo, seems mga dining stalls lang ang marami.

  5. Haven't been to Ireland yet but when we do visit, we'll check out this mall. That mall looks big and cozy with natural light coming in from the skylight ceiling. I fancy those kinds of malls, bright and big and a lot of shops to visit :)

  6. Looks so expensive! Where is this located exactly? :)

  7. It looks a lot like a scene from futuristic movies. I was thinking of AI while looking at the photo. =)

  8. What a cozy mall! I wish we have one like that here too in the PI.

  9. Wish I could visit it someday! Such a cozy place to shop. LOL

  10. Looks like a very nice and cozy mall. You had a good shot of it.

  11. Wow! A very good shot Ate RL! :) What camera are you using Ate?

    Seems like a very cozy place to visit and shop.

  12. With this photo, I used a phone camera only. It was a quick moment, never got the chance to set up the other camera.

  13. looks like it is a great place to see, beautiful shot. i wish they could put more store and interesting things within the mall to attract shoppers! :)

  14. this place looks so classy I hope I can visit this place someday

  15. Will definitely remember to take $.20 with me.. Banyo Queen ako pag nasa labas, lalo na pag malamig.. Hehe..


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