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Hidden Garden at Marlay Park

A dear friend of ours was living here in Ireland for more than 10 years but only recently when she found out about a walled garden at Marlay Park. We got curious about what it really looks like so we drove all the way there. 

Marlay Park
Marlay Park is a very wide public park about 121 hectares. It is located at Rathfarnham, 10 km from Dublin City. We did not roam around the park since it's the hidden garden we want to see. But they say there are woodlands, ponds and waterfall somewhere. We can always go back anyway.

Marlay House
Just across the parking lot, a beautiful house will welcome you. Marlay House also known as "The Grange" was built by Thomas Taylor. The house is the best example of Georgian architecture. Before, it was owned by private individuals but was later donated to the Dublin County Council. 

Behind that lovely house is a small coffee shop which superficially you will thought, "hmm, it's just a coffee shop". But as you go in to the shop, a door on the left will lead you to a stunning walled garden. 

Upon your entrance, a wall fountain awaits you. 

Wall Fountain
Just over another wall, you will see the kitchen garden houses. It's nice to know that since 1794, these houses were still standing. 

Kitchen Garden Houses

Located in front of the houses are fruit trees and a long guided pathway. This may look even better on summer days. 

It is indeed a beautiful garden. You can take a cup of coffee, sit comfortably in one of the benches and enjoy the sound of singing birds. 


  1. beautiful garden! Thanks for sharing some parts of Ireland! Take care! :)

  2. Dropping by to say hello and thank you for visiting.
    This is a lovely place and thank you for shsring.
    Hope to see you around:)

  3. Beautiful place, such a rich green. Nice series of photos. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Here's another reason why I should visit Ireland! The place is simply breath-taking and the pics you posted here say it all :)

  5. Beautiful. I like the last photo how you frame it.

  6. wow, how stunning! I love the serenity of the place.

  7. Precious site that is well-preserved. The house resembles a castle of sort. Thanks for bringing me again online to the hidden garden at Marlay Park.

  8. Luscious green field, very refreshing to look at!

  9. the first picture is so breathtaking, the open space, the trees and the mountain in the background, so peaceful and draws so much emotion. love it, glad you went there.

  10. i find the place romantic, nice play to just walk around and hang around with your boy :) but not necessarily a boyfriend could be my little boy. ha ha !

  11. oh dear! i can't enough of your Ireland posts. my wanderlust spirit is wandering! such a beautiful park and garden!

  12. Thank you all for visiting and for your comments.You're all welcome to Ireland.

  13. That is so awesome, it reminds me a garden of the Barbie that we watched, the garden was inside a palace. And the fountain looks like that in the picture

  14. i am curious about that hidden park. it reminds me of the story of the secret garden. =)


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