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Giant's Causeway

Giant's Causeway: Shaped by Imagination Location: North Coast of Ireland (two miles north of Bushmills) Area: Approximately 40, 000 interlocking basalt columns as results of volcanic eruption Legend: Giant Finn MacCool created a causeway from Northern Ireland to Scotland in order to reach his love of his life on the latter place.

Formula Libre

Formula Libre

People Marshal

One of the People Marshals at Phoenix Park Motor Races 2012. 

Car Races 2012

One of the cars at Phoenix Park Motor Races 2012. The race was participated by different classes such as Historic FF2000-Dublin Gran Prix, Formula Libre, Formula Sheane, Historic Racing Cars, Fiat Abarth, Fiat Punto & Uno, Strykes, Irish Touring Cars, Gt Racing Cars, and FF1600. The race was held at Phoenix Park last August 18-19, 2012. 

Bray Cliffs

Bray Cliff Walking is more or less 2 hours of journey, depending on your pace. It is a 4.5 mile walk to Greystones. If it's a photowalk, do not expect to finish it in two hours because there are many beautiful spots that will certainly hold you for a while. If time, strength and stamina is not your problem, you can walk back as you wish. Otherwise, you can always take the train back to Bray. 

The Space Cowboy

The Space Cowboy was the winner of 2011 Street Performance World Championship. This young man who loves to insert anything pointed into his mouth and nose came from Australia.


JOHNman is a unique living candy dispenser. He won the 2010 World Statues Festival for Living Statues. This extraordinary living statue originated in Germany and participated the July 2012 Street Performance World Championship held in Dublin and Cork.