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Walls of Newgrange

Pot Marigold

Snowy Days

The Dublin Wheel

Sunflower Bed


Boat Yard

Quality Clothes in Aran Island

The knitted clothings available in Aran Island was inspired by the traditional dress of the islanders with the tough of elegance. The designs of the clothes simply reflects the beauty of local people there. The wide range of lovely garments of Aran Island are available world wide.  For stockists click here .

Houses at Cork


Bernadette McLoughin Freelance Actress/Model/Presenter  She is a model since 2003 and was a former Miss Universe Ireland finalist.

Loving You More

"There is no remedy for love but to love more." by Henry David Thoreau

Human Flamethrower

Human flamethrower at the Cultural Festival. This is done by professionals only. Don't try this at home. 

Fun Colors

One of many lovely participants at  St. Patrick's Day in Dublin Ireland.

Arc of Constantine

ARC OF CONSTANTINE and the flavian amphitheater