29 June 2012

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Season of Strawberries

strawberries by SCOOP AND SNAP

Pick your own fruit? Not a bad idea. In Ireland, Lamberts Fruit Farm offers this cool experience. They are most likely open for picking within the months of July to September. Though it is important to contact them first at (01)4939896 to make sure if there are ripe fruits to pick. The farm is located at Lodge Cruagh Lane, Rathfarnham Dublin 16. Do not forget to bring your own containers for your harvest and yes, you need to pay for them.

In Philippines, a famous strawberry farm situated at La Trinidad, Baguio City opens their doors for everyone from November to May for this unique activity. The price of strawberries there is twice the price of what is available in market. Strawberries are very delicate fruits and if picked by amateurs, the plant itself can be ruined. Considering how they are maintained, I think there will be no price argument even if you do all the labour. Plus the experience is totally fun.

Happy Picking!!!


  1. OMG! I love this! Strawberriessssssss! Yummy, yummy, YUMMY! ;-)


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