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Amazing Stay At Boracay

I really had a nice vacation at Boracay, Philippines. As described Boracay is a small bone-shaped tropical island located approximately 200km south of Manila (capital) and 2 Km off the northwest tip of the mainland island of Panay in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. The island comprises the barangays of Manoc-Manoc, Balabag, and Yapak under the administrative control of Philippine Tourism in coordination with the Provincial Government of Aklan. 

You will be stunned with the four kilometres of white,talcum-fine beach and crystal clear water. Loads of activities that awaits you in Boracay both day and night. Island hopping is one of the best activities. A trip around the island for snorkeling and diving is the great chance to see the beauty of marine life and lovely coral reefs. Other watersports are really fun trying like Banana Boat riding, Parasailing, Flying Fish, Jetski, Kayaking, Reef Walking (or as they call it Helmet Diving) and many more. 

Let's talk about helmet diving. Yes, it is diving around 10 feet deep with helmet on which is connected to oxygen tank that will help you to breathe normally. The tank is on the boat and you do not carry it as you dive. Hand signs are important though. It will be your way of communicating with expert divers around you. As I reached my place at the bottom of the ocean, one thing really funny came into my head. I am like person inside the aquarium watched by school of fish. Now, I know the sentiments of a gold fish. This was a fun experience. I am totally like a kid chasing for the fish. that no matter how I tried to hold them, I failed. Life under water is really beautiful and colorful.  The whole activity is just 15 minutes but when you're down there, it seems like you've been submerged for an hour. Yes time under the sea is really slow. I'm glad I tried this.

A nice afternoon under the shade of palm trees was my chance to enjoy the beauty of nature. And as the sunshine  begins to fade, take your digital cameras and be ready to capture the magnificent Boracay sunset. If you enjoy the beautiful day at Boracay, you will never regret staying up late to experience the nightlife as well. Loads of nice night spots for dancing, drinking, and other entertainment.

If you plan to visit Boracay Island, make it a week or two to totally explore it's beauty. 


  1. Such stunning photos. It makes me wish I had the money to explore the beauty.


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