16 May 2010



I’ve been into places that I didn’t expect I had my feet on. I’ve seen so many beautiful and amazing things that I didn’t foresee laying my eyes on.  I’ve eaten foods that I didn’t imagine my taste buds would enjoy. I had stuffs that I didn’t expect my hands could hold. The best thing I can do is to thank God for all that and be proud of his generosity and faithfulness to me.

I learned from my eldest sister that telling people your triumphs (whatever aspects) is not bragging what you have but boasting what God gave you and acknowledging that everything came from Him.

I will be highlighting various topics here such as photography and travel, health and beauty, fashion and shopping, and so many more. (You can find them all in the category tab.)

I created this blog to share with you what I encountered along the way and what I wanted to see in the future. I hope my lens and my words will walk you through my journey and help you in some ways. Joining me with my adventure is my loving and ever supportive husband.

All photos you will find in this site is originally ours unless otherwise stated. If you want to use any of our picture please contact us in the form provided at the menu bar.

Scoop and Snap is all about expanding my heart in worshiping the creator by expressing myself through words and photos. 

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